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Anyone been to Moliets in Aquitane

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Azure · 06/08/2004 13:00

I was wondering if anyone had been to Moliets in Aquitane? There appear to be a number of "resorts", including the one used by Powder Byrne. We are looking to go on a two-week holiday the last half of September - DH, DS (3) and myself. Any feedback appreciated.

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Azure · 06/08/2004 17:08

I guess no-one has, then .

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ggglimpopo · 06/08/2004 18:00

Message withdrawn

honeybunny · 09/08/2004 13:28

Yes, we went last summer. Beach was a trek away over huge sand dunes and left me breathless climbing up them carrying ds2(1.3yrs at the time). Found much better beach facilities at Vieux Boucau for the children - lagoon and shallow sloping beach where you could park the car at a stones throw. There are lots of lakes in the area too as an alternative to the beach. Drove as far as Mimizan but the fantastic views of the atlantic coast werent as great as the guide books suggested and it was a long trek away for 2 smalls in the car. Also went to Dax- ok market town.
Great little market in Messanges-delicious fresh fish and shell fish.
A big disappointment was the lack of really nice restaurants. Found a few that were ok but we ended up enjoying the food we prepared at the villa more, it was fresher and tastier and a lot cheaper.
Cant remember the villa complex name as my mum booked it, but the villa was excellent and v reasonable for such a large living space and private pool. We each had our own bathroom, kids had a room each and there was the mezzanine level that went unused. We were surrounded by tall pines and there was a nearby lake to walk around.
Felt it was ideal for the kids as beach holidays go, but not much for the parents/g/parents to do whilst child free.

Azure · 09/08/2004 14:35

Thanks for that feedback honeybunny. Ggglimpopo, the resort is 30km north of Bayonne on the coast, and is a villa resort. Scott Dunn has it in their brochure, not Powder Byrne, as I originally put.

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