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Spanish speaker please, help required.

10 replies

Rhiannon · 12/07/2002 20:22

Going to Lanzarote on Wednesday, I only drink skimmed milk but never know what to look for on the carton. Can anyone help this sad twit? R

OP posts:
Mopsy · 12/07/2002 20:25

Hola! It's leche desnatada

Hth M x

bossykate · 13/07/2002 16:05

muy bien, mopsy!

Mopsy · 13/07/2002 16:34

Mil gracias!

Rhiannon · 13/07/2002 19:06

grassy arse. R

OP posts:
Mopsy · 13/07/2002 19:10


jodee · 13/07/2002 22:07

Rhiannon! (I've lost count of how many times you have been on hols in the last year, I'm green!)

jessi · 14/07/2002 10:17

Hi Rhiannon, hope you have better luck than I did finding skimmed milk. I couldn't find it anywhere, only semi! Maybe take a carton of long life just in case.. have a great time!

Lucy123 · 14/07/2002 13:27

Rhiannon - as well as "leche desnatada" you may need to know that fresh milk (as opposed to UHT) is "leche del dia" - but you will probably only find semi skimmed fresh milk and as jessi says, if you're going to drink UHT, you might as well take some with you.

Rhiannon · 14/07/2002 19:51

jodee, I've not had many! Went to Florida and froze for most of the time in Feb and have just had a few wet days in Dorset! R

OP posts:
Rhiannon · 16/07/2002 10:04

Byeee off to Lanzarote, signing off for a week. R

OP posts:
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