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Travelling to Menorca with 9mth need advice please!!

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bumpsy · 05/08/2004 21:52

We are away next week for the first time with DS who is 9mths and I am now starting to panic about the whole thing.
I normally make all of his food although he does have the odd jar for convenience at tea time and as we have booked half board I am rather worried as to what will be suitable for him to eat as some things may have salt added.
I am also worried about him in the heat and would appreciate any hints or tips on what to do.

OP posts:
jane313 · 06/08/2004 16:13

When my son was 8 months we went away and I took jars. He also ate a little bit of our food too as it kept him occupied in his high chair when we ate (veg, pasta, bread etc). I purposely gave him jars every so often so he would like them when going away (I had stayed away overnight after starting weaning and he wouldn't eat heinz pure fruit and I panicked that I would never be able to leave the house overnight so introduced them then and for a while he prefered them!)

re the sun, someone recommended on here a product called ultrasun that you can put on once a day and it really works. You can get it from various chemists and department stores but I ordered it online and it came in 3 days.

How mobile is your son? My friend said those allover swim-sun suits worked well for her daughter in the sun. If hes not moving much those pop up sun shades look good. I can only say the usual thing, stay out of the sun btw 11 and 2, drink lots of water, wear hats (hah! mine throws them off constantly). On the skin cancer web site they advise sunglasses but mine also won't keep them on. I got a shade-a-babe pushchair cover which some babies hate but some are ok with. A friend used hers on the beach when her daughter napped.

sammac · 06/08/2004 17:16

We have taken ds at 11 months to Menorca and again at 23 months. What I've done is to put a layer of nappies at the bottom of the case, about 4 deep. You can easily do it for one week, just takes a bit more space for two. Saves you looking for them. I found that baby food was more readily available in the chemist store than in the local supermarkety type shops. You may be more lucky tho. Things like yoghurt and fruit are easy to get. Some hotels put out baby jars so you can check it out. What about putting in some of the ones you add hot water to?

Another thing I did was to put a sarong over the buggy to give more protection when ds was sleeping. I saw loads of babies in buggies with no shade- couldn't believe it. And had a parasol at the beach, you can buy them for about £7.

We also spent time just sitting in the shade on a towel with some toys. Took things like bubbles etc. Will try to think of more things. Enjoy your break- your instincts will keep you right!

mckenzie · 06/08/2004 17:24

buy a shallow cheap paddling pool when you get there, fill it up and put it in the shade, add a few little cups/buckets and he'll probably be more than happy for quite a while.
Dont forget, Menorca is still civilisation so you will be able to buy jars/nappies/milk etc out there and although you wont know about the salt contents of the hotel food, I think for one week, it wont hurt.
Have you got some swimming nappies?

Please dont panic, easy to say I know but we took DS when he was 3 months, again at 12 months and both times we were really worried and both times it was absolutely fine.
Enjoy it!

bumpsy · 06/08/2004 19:34

Thankyou so much for your comments I am starting to get excited about the trip now.I know a lot of it is common sense but just to hear a bit of encouraging advice has definetly done the trick.I shall be buying a little paddling pool as soon as I get the chance Mckenzie thankyou for that

OP posts:
lou33 · 06/08/2004 19:53

We went when the kids were 9, 4, 2 and 4m, and it was fine. You can get everything you need there no problems.

haggis1 · 08/08/2004 13:58

Took dd to Lanzarote when 11 months. Found nappies, wipes etc easily enough (took enough for a couple of days)Only had trouble with baby juice so if he likes that take some along. Not being fluent in spanish(?) didn't know if some juices were pure or diluted, sugar content etc but that was all. dd lived on boiled water which was fine as we had a wee kitchen. Had one of those all body sun suits for the beach as well. That was great.

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