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All inclusive and a waterpark

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MamMamMam · 07/04/2018 19:15

Perhaps I'm looking for the holy grail here but I'll ask anyway.

Hoping that dh, ds 11,dd 10 and I will go on out first family holiday next year.

We all love the water, especially water parks and we'd prefer all in if possible but I cant find anywhere.

I've seen lovely all inclusives on line and fab water parks but nothing close together.

We've 3-5 grand to spend and looking for somewhere naice

All suggestions welcome

OP posts:
Cockmagic · 16/04/2018 11:07


I disagree, but each to their own.

haba · 16/04/2018 11:14

Hmm, I was going to ask how hellish these places are in July/August, as we cannot holiday at any other time, but dieu may have answered that for me!
What about the zakynthos one, Aticusss?

LLO7 · 16/04/2018 11:15

Magic natura in Spain! All inclusive resort with a waterpark and zoo on site. The water park also has sea lions with shows through out the day. Absolutely amazing resort, we are going back in a couple of weeks for the second year in a row :)

Dieu · 16/04/2018 12:04

Cockmagic (great username!) I found the place stressful, and I am usually laid-back to horizontal. We also got our flip-flops nicked (easily done I suppose, as there are rows of them sitting around everywhere), and it was like walking on molten lava to the gift shop to buy more. You couldn't really carry stuff around because of the rides, and the lockers felt like miles away. Personal highlight was being stuck like a roasted pig on the inflatable ring, because the river was too busy for everyone to be able to move. Even with free entry, I couldn't face a repeat! I just paid out for us to go to the smaller, quieter one instead (Aquamania?). To be fair, the wave pool at Siam was AMAZING.

Dieu · 16/04/2018 12:05

And the crush for the hotel buses. Nah, the place just wasn't for me, but I am happy to accept that I am in the minority!

Cockmagic · 16/04/2018 16:12

Did you visit loro parquet?

Dieu · 16/04/2018 22:23

No, we didn't, but were tempted. Think it was Aqualand we went to instead.

Pinklady301 · 25/04/2018 11:49

I just came back from a TUI resort in Rhodes which had its on included on site Water park.I loved the water park, as it had slides for both adults and children to enjoy and we had a great time.

link below :)

Snowysky20009 · 30/04/2018 00:59

Went to Siam Park yesterday- it was brilliant. Longest wait was 10 minutes. However, I wouldn't go there peak season, I imagine you wouldn't get on half the slides.

Waimaz · 06/05/2018 20:07

I recommend holiday village ibiza

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