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Italian advice please

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MaggieW · 11/07/2002 13:57

We'd like to go to Italy next month with our 8 month old (and see some real summer!) but can only afford the economical option. I'd like to be near a beach and plan to use one of the low cost airlines. I think an apartment/self-catering would be the best idea - any suggestions for destinations and places to stay please.

OP posts:

SofiaAmes · 11/07/2002 19:44

MaggieW, August is THE peak month for italians to go on holiday and you many find it difficult to get great bargains. However, having said that, Italy is a great place to go with a baby. We go every year with the kids to the seaside between Rome and Naples (a town called Sperlong). We go for 2 weeks in august (booked in december). We stay in hotel that has all apartments and it's perfect. We eat out half the time and cook ourselves the rest. The place is called Florenza Residence and I think they have a website. I'm pretty sure they're booked for the first two weeks of august, but may have something a little later. They will certainly have room in september. The italians are creatures of habit and wouldn't dream of going to the seaside in september even though it is in the 80's and beautiful pretty consistently. You can fly into rome and take the train from there (1.25 hours). If it sound interesting and you want more info. just let me know.


SofiaAmes · 11/07/2002 19:45

Whoops, the town is Sperlonga.


Lollypop · 11/07/2002 21:03

Italy is beautiful. We stayed in the north and I now want to go to Rome etc.
The only useful advice I can give is don't drive out there unless you have too. I hate to be anti Italian as I loved the country but I have never seen so many crashed cars on one journey and the kids tend to fly around on mopeds with no helmets. Keep your eyes on the car in front if you do decide to hire a car.

Hope yopu have a lovely time


SofiaAmes · 11/07/2002 21:46

Yes, i agree with lollypop. Even my husband insists on my doing the driving when we do rent a car. Somehow my sicilian blood makes me a little more immune to the sheer chaos of it.


MaggieW · 12/07/2002 13:41

Thanks for that. Yes I'd love some more details please sounds great. In fact, it now looks as if we won't get away until September so your suggestion might be just the answer!

OP posts:

SofiaAmes · 12/07/2002 16:19

MaggieW, the website for the hotel is
The owner is Luigi and he speaks enough english to make a reservation/get basic info. etc. The smallest room is more than sufficient for a couple with a baby. And they will supply a travel cot for you. The place is spotless clean and it's a family run business so you don't have to worry about theft etc. We've been going there for 4 years and I would even trust them to babysit at this point. The room includes an umbrella on the beach which you can see from most rooms. The sea is very shallow, calm and clean and perfect for babies (and adults). more later

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