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Indoor play areas near Beaconsfield?

8 replies

unicorn · 03/08/2004 08:31

we're off to Odds farm - but want a wet weather alternative... anyone know of indoor play type place in this area?

OP posts:
unicorn · 03/08/2004 08:47

anybody? we're off soon and it looks a bit like it may pour down!

OP posts:
strawberry · 03/08/2004 08:52

Hi unicorn. We quite often got to odds farm even in the rain. They have indoor play areas with tractors. However, there's also Zoom in B'field New Town (next to M&S) which is large indoor climbing thingy suitable for all ages. Have a nice day!

unicorn · 03/08/2004 09:01

thanks for that Strawbery!! hopefully we will get round the farm before it buckets down.

OP posts:
StickyNote · 03/08/2004 09:04

Strawberry - are you still interested in a meet-up? Unicorn - do you live near Beaconsfield? We're trying (so far unsuccessfully) to get an E Berks/S Bucks meet-up off the ground...

strawberry · 03/08/2004 09:14

Yes I am interested in meeting up. TBH the venue seemed to be getting further away with each posting so I kind of lost interest - sorry!! I will check the thread for details.

StickyNote · 03/08/2004 09:15

Oh good - am I right in thinking you're in the Chalfonts?

unicorn · 03/08/2004 09:27

Stickynote- I'm in London... not too far... but haven't made my local meetup yet! so better do that one before I head further afield!!

OP posts:
StickyNote · 03/08/2004 09:29


Have a good day at odds farm - strawberry's right, there's a big barn there with loads of hay bales for leaping around on, so if the weathermen are right and it's only short downpours, you should be fine staying there.

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