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anyone been to white post farm?

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johno · 01/08/2004 21:52

going to white post farm tomorrow and just wondering what the food is like there and how expensive it was

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fisil · 01/08/2004 21:57


Galaxy · 01/08/2004 21:58

message withdrawn

helenmc · 01/08/2004 22:00

its near Newark, and although we haven;t been for a couple of years, we've had great times. Can't remember the food being overly expensive though, for the usual chicken nuggests and chips. sometime its not worth buying the animal feed - on popular days they have been so well fed they just aren't interested.

clary · 02/08/2004 01:28

White Post is excellent, would take a picnic tho but then I always do, am mean and object to crap food when out and about (and let's face it, it nearly always is!)

woodpops · 02/08/2004 16:05

I was at White Post Farm with ds last week for a b'day party. I'd go along with the take a picnic as we were in the burger barn and it smelt like shit. Sorry to be so blunt but for the 1st time ever I lost my appitite totally. DS loved the farm. I thought it was OK but I'm really not an animal lover and having to put my hand out for the goats to feed was absolute torture. I'd deffinately go back though because of how much ds loved it!!!!

sibyl · 02/08/2004 16:53

I thought it was the worst farm experience I have ever been to (and God knows there have been a few). This was a couple of yrs ago: expensive to get in and food especially bad. My mother (who lives near there)told me it was on the market and that's why it had run down - may have improved under new ownership. I live in London so prob not best person to comment but it was SO bad I ranted on about it for weeks afterwards.
BTW if anyone interested there's another less commercial farm up there called Ferry Farm, at Gunthorpe/Hoveringham. Nice food as well and animals not quite so scared-looking.
Wd be interested in any other days out recommendations for Nottingham/Newark area as often take kids up to see Grandparents (and sometimes Southwell's reccy ground just doesn't last the whole weekend, entertainment-wise....)

helenmc · 02/08/2004 17:47

hi Sibyl - Sundown Adventure Park near Rampton is good for very small kids - lots of nursey rhyme and book based houses to go ina nd out of. Not many rides, but it has a couple fo large playgrounds.

Hulababy · 02/08/2004 17:51

This is Sundown . Great for little ones!

sibyl · 02/08/2004 21:02

Sundown looks lovely. Many thanks for the tip, will be heading off there on next visit.

harrassedmum · 02/08/2004 22:21

Have just looked at sundown website, thanks for the link. Noticed it said no pushchairs in one of the areas, is it just that one and is it suitable to drag a 6 month old baby around?

johno · 02/08/2004 22:25

it was a fab 3 hours lol, will go again when Ds alittle older, he was interested in pointing at the poo shouting dirty lol, favourite word at moment lol, only bin saying it since friday

OP posts:
Gingerbear · 03/08/2004 13:31

Junglemania is a softplay area I think???

You can take your pushchair around the rest of Sundown.

Take a picnic, plenty of places to eat in or outdoors.

The food is nuggets and chips type fare and I remember it being expensive.

woodpops · 03/08/2004 13:51

Ds and dd always think it's more of an adventure when we take picnics anywhere. A word of warning though. Whenever we've been to Sundown there always seems to be a bit of a problem with wasps so take plenty of wasp spray!!!!!

Hulababy · 03/08/2004 13:57

Yes, jungle mania is just an indoor soft play. I always take a puchchair and it is fine, although can be a pain to push over the gravel/wood bark stuff in the wild west area!

There are loads of places to picnic, including a covered area. Mostly outside though. The 2 cafes do fast food type stuff, but is relatively inexpensive.

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