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Legoland was great!

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Hulababy · 01/08/2004 20:00

We're back and Legoland was fantastic. We all had a great time, especially Mollie.

Weather was hot but we found the water fountains and ate lots of ice cream Food in the restaurant wasn't too bad actually. Think DH's sausage and mash was £6.99 but then Mollie's was only £1.99 with it. I had salad and quiche for £3.99. Which for eating at a theme park was reasonable we thought. Water bottles were £1.20 a shot but just got one and filled it up ourselves after that.

The miniland was fantastic and really impressive. We spent ages there and still didn't see it all. Mollie could have spent hours just watching all the moving models and couldn't quite get her head round the idea they were all made of lego bricks!

Mollie was just 90cm so got to go on lots of rides - only two roller coasters and the water flume ride she couldn't go on. But she loved the dragon's aprentice - the mini roller coaster. She is no coward and squealed her way round with hands in the air She also liked the water ride where you stand on these boat like things and get very wet. Or at least we did!

She also enjoyed the water play bit. Remembered her swim suit so she got suitable soaked.

It took her all of 30 seconds to fall asleep in her pushchair once we got to the exit gates, bless her!

Lots of photos here: Password is hulababy

For a £10 each (Mollie was free) I would really recommend everyone gets on and grabs some tickets for a lovely family day out.

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tinyganghq · 01/08/2004 21:22

Hulababy - thanks for posting this. We hope to go to Leoland over the Summer - youngest two are 2.5 yrs, do you think they'll get much out of it? Not sure how old your little Hula Babe is..she obviously had a great day! You KNOW you've had a good day out when they're asleep as soon as they hit the pushchair. What a good idea to get tickets from - didn't think of doing that (durr) and have been trying to collect tokens etc where and when they appear. Also, I wouldn't have thought of taking swimming costumes too..

Do you know what age you have to pay for children? - we have an older dd who's 5.

tinyganghq · 01/08/2004 21:24

Leoland?? Where's that! Obviously that should read Legoland!

Tommy · 01/08/2004 21:30

Glad you enjoyed it! How old is Mollie? She is obviously braver then my Ds1 who wouldn't go on any rides at all!

Piffleoffagus · 01/08/2004 21:32

We too loved legoland, we have been twice and both times, gone on everything!
totallt recommend it for day out. get there early!

lydialemon · 01/08/2004 22:59

Have to agree, we went to Legoland last August, and pretty much every weekend since DSs have asked when we're going again!

We are definitely going to go again over the summer, we went the friday before the bank holiday weekend last year and it was really reasonable in terms of crowds - hardly any waiting around. I think the longest was about 20 mins to go on the car driving track, and it was worth it.

I'll look on lastminute though, as it cost us nearly £100 for the 4 of us

Hulababy · 02/08/2004 08:19

tinyganghq - DD is 2y 3m. I think there is something for all youngsters at Legoland. Even if under 90cm there are some rides they can go on, especially in Duploland. These are more gentler rides. There are also play areas and a water works play area - take swimmers!

She loves her rides so getting to go on the Dragon's Aprentice mini roller coaster was great for her - and fab preparation for Disney in 2 week's time

The website will tell you more about each bit of the park and the ride requirements.

It was reasonable busy Friday but the longest queue time was only 20-30 minutes, which was for the bigger rides such as the Wave Surfer and Dragon's Apprentice.

Oh and the restaurants all have water fountains from what we could gather - saves you money!

And the show in the Harbour is fantastic. DD was so excited and really got involved - cheering and booing the characters, and loved the jumping into the water bit

CHILD RATES are from 3 and up. Under 3s are free.

OP posts:
StickyNote · 02/08/2004 09:46

Do you have to go on rides like the Dragon's Apprentice with the children? I've got 3 aged 5,3 and 1 and was thinking of taking them by myself but that wouldn't be much good if the older ones couldn't go on rides without me.

Hulababy · 02/08/2004 09:48

They have to be a certain height to ride alone - most were 1.3m

But you can do baby switch at the ride edge, so don't have to queue twice. And there are often spare adults who will ride next to your child. Both Dh and I did that on the Dragon ride, as we only had one child with us, so one was "spare" so to speak.

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BigBird · 03/08/2004 14:42

Hi hulababy - that sounds like a great day out. We went to Chessington on the same day and it was great fun. We got there first thing so dd got on 5 rides in the first hour. She could go on lots of things and especially loved the runaway train and the dodgems ! There was an indoor puppet show in the afternoon and that was beside an indoor play place with bouncy castle so she had good fun at both of those. All in all it was a grat day. Longest queue for us was 20 mins but a lot of the morning ones were 5 mins. She fell asleep as soon as we left th epark too !!

Hulababy · 03/08/2004 14:44

Soounds great day BigBird. We are thinking of taking DD there on one of ur next visits. Our friend's live even closer to Chessington than Legoland.

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