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Special lunch venue near Bournemouth with kids' play area - help

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suzywong · 30/07/2004 22:07

OK, It's my folks golden wedding anniversary and all year they have been flapping and puffing saying
'oh we don't want a party , we don't want anything special, don't go to any trouble'
So we haven't

When my sister and I suggest we choose a pub in the New Forest with good pub grub and a garden so the five grandchildren can run around and not have to sit like stuffed shirts, I am met with sneering derision and declarations that they don't want to go to a 'pub'.

So can anyone think of anywhere that has a kids' play area, decent food and isn't as common and vulgar as a pub?

They are going to the Chewton Glen, just the two of them FGS, so I really don't know what they are moaning about. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We could travel about 25 miles from Bournemouth, N, E or W. Any advice much appreciated.

OP posts:
Delgirl · 30/07/2004 23:07

How about here

marthamoo · 31/07/2004 00:10


Kittypickle · 31/07/2004 07:26

or possibly this ?

Earlybird · 31/07/2004 07:39

What about a hotel restaurant? Never been, but someone raved about the Chine Hotel, and how good it was for kids....I remember they have a pool too, though don't know if it's in use outside summer months. Maybe you could hire a temp nanny for the day from an agency to look after kids if play area isn't in view of restaurant...that way you could relax and enjoy the special occasion.

suzywong · 31/07/2004 09:46

thanks everyone
I shall check those out

Delgirl, I used to work at the East Close in my student days in the holidays. That place is very very haunted.!

OP posts:
DelGirl · 31/07/2004 09:47

is it SW, never knew that? You can tell me more later

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