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slimbridge and ragley hall

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bea · 29/07/2004 18:29

what fantastic places!!!! dh has been very good this summer and has booked thurs and fri off so we can go out and do holiday things!!! (not going on a big hol except the usual granny trek to devon!)

last week we went to slimbridge and it was really nice, the whole place is fantastically buggy friendly, loads of birds and geese to feed, lots of interactive things to do before going out to see the birds, nice places to stop and have a picnic, good clean loos and facilities... and a lovely looking restaurant (which we will definitely go to next time!)

Ragley hall was todays trip and it is amazing, can't believe it's only 10 mins from coughton court (NT place and very nice as well!) and we'd never ventured there, friends took us today... if you have 8 and above kids, it's brilliant activty wise, the adventure play area was brilliant with some great death slides, jumps onto crash mats, a very steep slide accessed vis a treetop walk!, a concrete 3d maze and loads more... plenty for littlies to do top!, slides, see saw etc... dd1 is 3 and dh took her on the huge trretop slide... she liked the walk up amoinsgt the trees but did look a little perturbed when she shot out at the end of the tunnel!!... the grounds are brilliant as there are odd sculpturs for the kids to sit, climb, walk, jump, explore... and the cafe on the terrace looking over the grounds is magnificent!

definite thumbs up from this family!

Happy day trips all!!!

(by the way we live in brum)

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