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Chine Hotel in Bournemouth?

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annh · 28/07/2004 22:36

Has anyone stayed there? Any advice to offer - I'm interested in the food and the fitness facilities (yeah, right) but also thinking about stuff for the kids to do. Do they offer children's teas, for instance? What, if anything, is there for children to do in the evenings when we are eating? All comments welcome!

OP posts:
tab · 02/08/2004 15:49

Hi, Annh. I dont know how old your child/children are. We stayed at the Chine Hotel over Easter, desperate for a break with our then 22mth old ds.

We had a cot in our room and the baby listening service operates through the telephone ie you leave the phone off the hook after dialling a specific number and then you can check by picking up any phone in the hotel and dialling your room no. Also you can book a babysitter through the hotel.

The hotel offered high tea which we thought was really good at about 5.00pm so all the younger kids and babies could pick what they wanted and try lots of things if they changed their minds! The hotel has lots of high chairs so the dining room although quite formal, was never a problem.

If your kids are older I think there are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor and the garden is really good with lots of little steps and sub gardens with steps leading down to a gate and then a very short walk to a sandy beach with a trailer type train ride up to nearer to the town centre. In the hotel there is a soft play room as well and Im sure that they probably had board games for older kids.

It was a nice hotel, rooms nothing special but had everything we needed. no fridge though. all staff very friendly and helpful and lots of space for kids to run around. Sorry cant really say much more but hope this is helpful. I thought bournemouth was lovely. The town centre was really nice and the beaches are great. Also there's loads to go off and do during the day time.

tab · 02/08/2004 15:53

Sorry, just noticed you were asking about fitness facilities. yes there was a gym, sorry too busy eating easter eggs at easter!! The evening food was very good. I think it was all served to your table which was very nice and a lovely view from the restaurant itself if you can get a table by the window. Actually dining room if crowded was a bit big and impersonal but standard generally good we thought. I think we were just enjoying having a few evenings of totally civilised meals!!

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