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Self catering in Paris?

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PicadillyCircus · 27/07/2004 20:04

We're contemplating going to Paris in November or early December and was wondering if anyone knew of any self catering places in Paris, or any companies that do it?

DS will be about a year old by then, so somewhere baby friendly would be good.

OP posts:
thirtysomething · 27/07/2004 20:09

there's a website with lots of good apartments from individuals, I think it's Otherwise the US firm is very good but not cheap!

OldieMum · 27/07/2004 20:23

We rented a flat in Montmartre for a week from Pierre et Vacances, a French company, about 8 years ago. It was modern and had a basic kitchen, dining room with sofa beds, bathroom and one bedroom. Not luxurious, but quite adequate for a family holiday and reasonably priced. We alternated between eating out and buying and re-heating ready-made food from 'traiteurs' (delis), which are so much better quality in France than here. We got hold of the company via the French Tourist Office, who were helpful. These days, you could probably do it all more easily through the Net.

slotnicki · 27/07/2004 20:37

We have done this and stayed in some apartments which are part of a chain with 'branchs' all over France. They are called Citadines (do a search and you will find their site). They have several in Paris and they will supply a cot. It worked very well.

roisin · 27/07/2004 20:39

PicadillyCircus - Try citadines - aparthotels - may be what you are looking for.

These were recommended to me (on here of course) but when I checked prices they were expensive (c.300 Euros per night), so we booked hotel instead. But just checked today and could stay in one in the Marais for just 105. So if this is what you want, it might be worth holding on for a last-minute offer.

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