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alexsmum · 26/07/2004 10:55

Anyone been to New york with children? How did you find it? Child friendly? Would we find it awkward with a 4 year old and a 1 year old??
Also, know it gets cold in the winter but anyone got any experience of how cold?? How bundled would our 1y/o have to be??(Silly question but on my mind!)

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alexsmum · 26/07/2004 11:20


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dejags · 26/07/2004 11:24


I would say that you wouldn't have a problem with visiting NYC with children. The only drawbacks I can think of (and I may stand corrected) would be:

  1. The subway has lots of steps (not sure if I remember seeing lifts). This may be problematic with a one year old.
  2. The time difference - most trips to NYC are for 3/4 nights, I really struggled with the time difference so would imagine it might be difficult for a young child too.
  3. The cold - it gets very cold, I went in March and couldn't believe how much colder it was. The snow was at least 2 feet deep - great for playing in Central Park though.

    I wouldn't worry too much though - we took DS to India in April despite warnings that it would be far too hot for him - he had a ball.

hatmum · 26/07/2004 11:44

Fab place for kids (not that I've taken mine!) but it can be so cold that your face goes numb after 20 mins in December. Remember, though, that clothes are lots cheaper over there so be conservative in your packing and go shopping when you're there

maomao · 26/07/2004 13:55

Hi alexsmum,

New York in the winter can be lovely, but the wind can rip right thru your clothing. The trick is to wear layers, enabling you to peel them off as needed.

The subway can be very crowded, particularly during rush hour. And beware, there are lots of stairs, and not many lifts. The bus would probably be a better way to go. I'm not much of a taxi girl....

I would try and stay near where you plan to spend the majority of your time so that you can easily pop back to the hotel for the kids to have a nap.

littlemissbossy · 26/07/2004 13:59

It get's bloooddddddy cold in the winter!! Loads of snow too TBH, but you'll be in New York so I'm sure you'll all have a great time

maomao · 26/07/2004 14:11

Well, when I lived in NY and it snowed a lot, I would pull the snow shoes out from beneath my desk and go running in Central Park. But honestly, it doesn't ALWAYS snow that much.

I always found that windproofing was half the coldness battle in the winter. (And silk long underwear!)

carriebradshaw · 26/07/2004 14:39

Hi Alexsmum,

we SATC girls just love NY, even in winter, but be sure to leave the manolos at home - Ugg boots are better in December.

Miranda has given me some good links for things to do with the kids, Although just parading around central park showing off Brady in his Bugaboo is enough entertainment for her.

try here:
NYC travel

family travel files

marialuisa · 26/07/2004 15:05

It's freezing in the winter, I found it colder than Moscow at the same time (less snow, more wind chill).

Personally found the subway with a littley much harder than the Tube with a littley, not least because the platforms seem much narrower.

We last went in May (DD just turned 3y), nobody had any problems with time difference on the way back and we had a night flight on the way home so DD crashed out for the flight and then had a nap in the afternoon when we got home, back to school next day! Me and DH managed about an hour's sleep on the plane and felt like crap for about 2 days.

People were very friendly towards DD, esp at the hotel (our first experience of NYC hotels as previously stayed with friends), but automatic doors are unusual, roads and pavements wouldn't be out of place in bogota which makes for interesting buggy pushing.

SofiaAmes · 27/07/2004 14:25

I have visited new york many times with my two (3.5 and 1.5). I take the subway everywhere and have never had to wait more than 5 seconds before someone is offering to help or carry my buggy down/up the stairs for me. When I was pregnant people lept out of their seats for me (and I was barely showing). I probably wouldn't go right at rush hour because it is really crowded. Just about every restaurant has a high chair and everywhere is non-smoking. It does get cold in the winter, you are generally dealing with a dry, brisk cold rather than the damp cold you get in the uk. You need layers because things are very overheated indoors. I just used a few blankets on my children when they were still buggy bound, rather than buying warmer clothes. As someone else said, clothes are sooo much cheaper, so go with empty suitcases and fill them up there. You might want to think about a leash so you don't loose your child in the crowds as the sidewalks etc. are all like oxford street on a saturday.

alexsmum · 28/07/2004 11:20

Thank you all so much!!!Especially carriebradshaw!!!!Lol.
I am desperate to go to NY in the winter time..the snow,the christmas lights ,ice skating at the rockafeller centre etc and dh and have been saying that we will go alone and leave the kids at home, but that is never going to happen.Wouldn't feel right leaving babs for more than one night , plus dh and I can never go on a plane together without the kids in case it crashes and leaves my babies orphans.SO , the new plan is to take them too.Just wanted to see if it was a realistic idea.And After reading these posts,I think it is!! NYC here we come!!!

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