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coach holidays to disney land paris ????

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nikcola · 23/07/2004 21:09

ime and dp are going to take dd to disney land paris for a weekend (2 nights) and we want to go by coach on a ferry like a coach tour thing can does anyone no of any easy to use web site so i can get a rough guide of prices please xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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nikcola · 23/07/2004 21:22

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nikcola · 24/07/2004 00:13


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JPM · 24/07/2004 00:27

Did the coach/boat thing to Disney a few years back. The biggest company who run these are Leger Holidays. Their website is

They also give you the option of driving yourself (which personally we will definately do in the future).

The coach thing was a bit of a headache and once we got to Disney the coach drivers set their own rules. We had to leave the park earlier on the last day than the itinery had stated but the coach driver insisted. Anyway, it turned out that just before we got to Calais they pulled into one of those supermarket things so people could get off and buy beer etc...we sat there for an hour (bearing in mind this is suppose to be a kids holiday!!) Loads of us were complaining as the kids had all missed the sunday evening firework display for this. Was absoloutly seething though when we went into supermarked and saw half a dozen of the coach drivers being handed cash from the store staff (backhanders by the looks of it for delivering a load of customers to them!!! .... so beware and drive yourselves if you can.

Also, can highly recommend Sequoia Lodge as a hotel to stay at - just on the outskirts of the park but within walking distance. Some of the others, you'll need to catch a bus in each day so double check this when you look at hotel options.

nikcola · 24/07/2004 09:56

thanks for the advice how long did you go for and is it expensive ???xxx

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iota · 24/07/2004 10:07

I haven't done it by coach, but we did it by Eurostar.....I think it's easier with kids on a train as they acn get up and walk around and go to the toilet etc.

Meggiesmum · 25/07/2004 18:06

Definately agree to go by Eurostar if you can - far easier with kids! Took dd for her 1st birthday and we were able to walk her up & down the train.

Also recommend the Sequia Lodge which was only 5-10 min slow walk from the park and very lovely hotel with pool and excellent food. Have also been to the Santa Fe prior to dd which also could not be faulted but do have to get a bus to the park.

nikcola · 26/07/2004 10:28


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