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LastMinute.Com doing Alton Towers Tickets for just £15.00 throughout August

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Galaxy · 23/07/2004 09:52

message withdrawn

OP posts:
Piffleoffagus · 23/07/2004 09:55

i just bought tickets for legoland last sunday night via lastminute
no confirmation email, our cc has been debited and we have no order number with which to collect the tickets tomorrow. I am thoroughly pissed off with them as I have emailed them TONS!
so do get your pen out and write the order number down as soon as you get it...

littlemissbossy · 23/07/2004 09:55

Yes Galaxy, great deal, I've booked this morning and saved over £40

Piffleoffagus · 23/07/2004 09:57

humbled, they have just that second rung me and sorted it...
bless phew...

nutcracker · 23/07/2004 10:00

and is that all you have to pay then ?? There are no other charges ??

It's been years since i went there

Galaxy · 23/07/2004 10:09

message withdrawn

OP posts:
littlemissbossy · 23/07/2004 10:10

yes it's a flat £15 charge for adult or child - bargain nutcracker! I nearly booked yesterday on the alton towers site - by booking through I've saved £47
BTW Piffle, I don't know what must have happened to your confirmation email? got mine this morning within 10 mins

GeorginaA · 23/07/2004 15:51

Is now not the time to mention that are absolutely shite and that I would never ever use them again after they completely ruined a special night out for dh and me and then took us months to get a refund out of them... (in fact, I'm not 100% sure we did get a refund in the end... must check with dh).

littlemissbossy · 23/07/2004 15:52

No georgina it's not the time, I've already booked the tickets!! Arrgghh!! does this mean I'm going to drive all the way to Staffordshire and discover I don't actually have any tickets??

GeorginaA · 23/07/2004 16:15

I hope not - but that's what happened to us when we got to the Rock Garden in London to find out our dinner and a show was paid for but not paid for, if you see what I mean (i.e. had our money, but hadn't actually bothered to do anything with it).

GeorginaA · 23/07/2004 16:16

(Incidentally Rock Garden were ace, gave us a huge discount as an apology, bent over backwards to find us tickets for a show but failed and said that they'd had repeated problems with bookings - so we weren't a one off)

littlemissbossy · 23/07/2004 16:17

oh bugger[sad}
well if I drive all that way to find I've no tickets, there'll be hell to pay ... I'm from Leeds, they won't mess with me

Piffleoffagus · 23/07/2004 16:30

if we turn up at legoland and have no entry, they will have to listen to an earbashing from ym 10yr old ds, who makes me look mild and meek...

littlemissbossy · 29/07/2004 20:10

Just returned from Alton Towers, having booked discounted tickets through, saved £47! Great day for my older dss's and ds, aged 4 - he especially loved the Tweenies live show and danced in the aisles of the theatre! Can recommend it to you all ... but off soon for a large glass of wine and a soak in the bath

Janh · 29/07/2004 20:28

There are vouchers on 6-pint bottles of milk at Tesco atm which admit 2 people for £15 each. No pre-payment, no conditions (ie having to present at the gate the card you paid with, which means you can't buy them for somebody else, or if you do you have to trust them with your card), no wondering if you will have to pay again after all, and they are valid until Sept 5 (I think. Early Sept anyway.) For the price of a bottle of milk! Well worth it!

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