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mosquito repellant for a baby?

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aloha · 02/07/2002 21:22

We're off on holiday next week and I'm worried about mosquitos. Can anyone recommend a way to protect a nine month old baby?

OP posts:
GRMUM · 03/07/2002 05:46

I use citronella which is very effective and smells of lemons.I don't know if you can get it in the UK ,or if its widely available abroad but you will be able to get it in any pharmacy in Greece. (which is great advice if you're coming to Greece but not much use for anywhere else !!!)

JanZ · 03/07/2002 08:48

I think Mosiguard is OK - check the back and it will tell you.

susanmt · 03/07/2002 09:38

If you dilute citronella oil and lavendar oil in a carrier oil and rub on to skin then that is good. Mosiguard is ok 6m+ I think. The other option is an Avon cream called Skin So Soft (if you could get it in time). It's great for kids and also apparantley a really good repellant (foresters in Scotland use it - and if it can keep scottish midges off then I'm going to belienve them!!!)
Wear long sleeves and light colourd - not bright colours or patterns also to keep mosquitos away and if you are going somewhere exotic you can get a mosquito net from most camping shops.

Marina · 03/07/2002 10:40

If you are taking a travel cot/planning to use one, you can get mosquito nets that fit these well from John Lewis. I never felt happy about putting ds down to sleep with even a natural repellent on.

Marina · 03/07/2002 10:41

PS forgot to say that this was in France - you don't need to be going anywhere far these days to get chewed to I was. Ds was fine.

CAM · 03/07/2002 11:20

I know what you mean Marina. Even though I lived for a few years in the Far East as a child, the worst mozzie bites I have had were in France. Got bitten on the eyelid (?) once and it swelled up beautifully.

aloha · 03/07/2002 11:25

Oh, we're going to France!! Will go to the chemist for mosiguard, citronella (he has an oil with lavender to help him sleep already) and will go to John Lewis for a net. Thanks so much everyone!

OP posts:
Lucy123 · 03/07/2002 12:53

We have a big mozzy problem but dd has only been bittn once - I read that mozzys are attracted to stinky feet and as babies do not have them she may be OK (we're obviously drawing their fire, as it were). At nights I use a little plug-in device in the room, but you have to remember to plug them in early - they will keep mozzies out, but won't make them go away once they are in the room.

SueW · 03/07/2002 14:48

Both DH and I react very badly to mosquito bites, swelling hugely - in the case of it being on a finger, won't be able to bend that finger. On thighs, the swelling will be around 8 inches in diameter - I kid you not. My reactions have calmed down slightly in the past couple of years but his are still horrific.

I use Autan for myself but he doesn't bother with repellent (don't ask me why!).

I got a huge lecture from a woman in New York about not having DD covered from head to toe when we visited there a couple of years ago but I too had heard the stinky feet thing! She certainly never seems to attract them like we grown-ups do.

Rhiannon · 03/07/2002 15:48

Does she like Marmite? Someone once told me that eating Martmite helps keep them away. Honest. R

Faith · 03/07/2002 16:07

To add to susanmt's reccomendation of 'skin so soft - this was reccomended to me bt my homeopath. He says the US Marines use it!

Marina · 03/07/2002 20:27

I am just savouring the image of hunky foresters and marines smoothing Skin So Soft into their manly doesn't say anything about this in my Avon catalogue, they should publicise this unexpected bonus.

SueDonim · 04/07/2002 12:00

I think the British Army are using too, after a squaddy's mum recommended it. Wouldn't be much use when they were on secret manoevres, though - you'd be able to smell them a mile away!

But I wish I had something effective, as we are getting bitten to pieces out here in Indonesia. (Not DH, though.) Maybe the smelly feet thing is true as DD2 has pongy feet and zillions of bites but I don't think my feet smell. I even woke up the other night just as a mozzie sank its fangs into my face.

The only plus side is that we have acquired an electric bat and can electrocute the little suckers if we're fast enough. Oh, and apparently, the local mozzies only carry Dengue Fever and not malaria. Great.

Rhiannon · 04/07/2002 21:03

I read in a magazine today, take Brewers Yeast tabs or vitamin B1 or Marmite! R

SueDonim · 05/07/2002 07:41

Can't get proper Marmite here, its a fake version and is yuk! Do you think spreading it on myself would work?? Trouble is, I'd have all the feral cats after me instead! Will look for Brewers yeast tomorrow. I'm going mad here as I've now been bitten on the soles of my feet and god, do they ITCH. It's like needles going in, ow, ow, ow!

SueW · 05/07/2002 15:02

For overnight, if you can sleep with the windows closed, I think the best way to deal with mozzies is to spray the room with mozzie killer about 30 minutes before you retire. This allows time for the spray to work and you don't get that choking feeling of having just sprayed the room.

Keep your fingers crossed you don't bring one into the room with you when you come to bed, and don't forget to spray any ensuite bathroom.

There's lots of stuff on the net about B bits being useless at stopping biting. I found this out after I recommended it to a friend!

SueDonim · 06/07/2002 07:33

The windows are never open as we have air/con everywhere, SueW. We've even tried freezing the blighters to death by turning the AC right down but they still persist! You're right in that it is only one or two that manage to sneak in, but they are enough to do the damage. I've tried to avoid going down the chemicals route but I think I'm going to have to give in and accept that it is the lesser of two evils!

BTW, my feet are still driving me mad - so unbelievably itchy. I wish I could unscrew them and put them in the freezer!

SueW · 06/07/2002 08:06

They're probably coming in through the air con ducts!

I remember being on a trip to Belgium years ago. We stayed in halls of residence and I had an overnight vistor of the mozzie kind. I could hear it buzzing round my head but couldn't manage to kill it so I put my head under the blankets and went to sleep.

At some stage during the night I must have poked my face out for air because when I woke in the morning I had five bites around my eye and it was badly swollen.

That evening I managed to catch the little b*tch and splat her against the wall. It was quite amazing to see the mess of blood on the wall!

SueDonim · 06/07/2002 17:28

Bl%dy hell, SueW - through the a/c??? I hadn't thought of that! Should have though, as we once had ants in the a/c, eew! Actually, I think they are just coming in via the doors, as we go in and out. I'm going to ask the housing people to put in screen doors.

Next problem is how to keep them out of the car. We try to smack them between our hands. The drivers are brilliant at it, they almost never miss a mozzie, although again I'm told it makes quite a mess if they are full of blood........

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