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fairydust · 23/07/2004 08:53

BOUGANVILLA PARK APTS SA COMA - has anyone stayed here??

OP posts:
Yorkiegirl · 23/07/2004 08:58

Message withdrawn

Chandra · 23/07/2004 09:08

In which part of the island it is? I may be able to tell you about the area but not much help in terms of holiday apartments I am afraid... (we used to live in Palma).

I think Marialuisa's father rents holiday apartments in Pollenca, she may tell you more baout it.

fairydust · 23/07/2004 10:14

the apartments are in Sa Coma

OP posts:
littlemissbossy · 23/07/2004 10:16

fairydust, look at and enter the apartment/town name into the search for reviews of where you are going. I recommended this site to another mumsnetter yesterday - it gives you the good and, sometimes the bad

tiredemma · 25/07/2004 20:47

yep, i worked there for airtours in 98 and went there on holiday with my family and a group of friends in sept 2002, its a very large property with the biggest swimming pool on the island, excellent kids facilities and good entertainment, only down side is where it is situated, its quite a long walk into sa coma itself so if you like to have a wander around the family bars and retuarnts of an evening then your a bit stuck.
having said that though, looking back at it i would say its the best family holiday we ever had.

sa coma has a lovely beach and there is a "train" that takes you from the complex down to the beach.

in a nutshell, would i stay there again? definetly, if you have any more q's then just let me know

alibo · 26/07/2004 16:37

Fairydust, sorry to say but I would avoid the buouganvilla apts. Although it is a very large complex with huge pool it was extremely crowded when we went in June last year. The apts themselves weren't that nice, a lot of them are near the "BIG TOP" entertainment area ,so very noisy all night till at least midnight. There were always lots of groups of teenagers hanging around, middle of the night, so not so good if you have young children. Also too far out of Sa Coma, need to use taxis all the time in evening as train doesn't run then. Train is so busy back and forth from beach in daytime, sometimes have to queue for at least half an hour for it at reception. You will find loads of reviews on it at we'd read those first!! Hope you haven't booked yet!!!??

cazzybabs · 26/07/2004 16:50

We stayed their in April. I found the walk into and out of town fine - it took about 20 minutes. There is a big supermarket near by and a safari park with some very sad looking animals in cages as well. The beach is lovely - clean and was not packed when I went. The area itself has some nice resturants too, but it quite small. The Appts. themselves were OK - very small and ours didn't have a double bed - but a pull out bit from the bottom. The pool was nice - but very cold when we went.
I think I would have really enjoyed myself if my little dd hadn't been ill and it hadn't rainned for 75% of the time. However, I can imagine peak season it would have been very very busy.

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