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what's hastings like?

3 replies

hercules · 21/07/2004 21:45

Fancy going there for a couple of days with ds (8) and dd 9 months. Is it good?

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 21/07/2004 21:50

only been there in prebaby days, but thought it was very nice - town centre itself, near station is quite uninspiring but the beach and in particular the old town are very attractive

shortcake · 21/07/2004 22:09

I work there and agree with last posting - old town is lovely and so is that end of beach - but I wouldn't choose it for a holiday personally - most of it is a bit shabby and parts are pretty rough - what about staying in Rye or Winchelsea and visiting Hastings for days ? Just a suggestion!

Juliehafrancis · 21/07/2004 22:47

Hi Hercules,

My dp, dd and I spent a week there in the Coombe Haven holiday park a couple of months ago.
The old town is lovely and the aquaruim and amusements that they have in the town centre will definetely keep your ds amused. I agree with the town being slightly rough as we happened to see a couple of muggings and fights in the town which put me off, also saw a couple of girls taking drugs in the female toilets in the train station! The beach is a bit of a nightmare pushchair wise as is any pebbly beach. However Battle was lovely..had a fantastic museum which Dd loved and so did we (not normally keen on them so was a nice surprise), a really nice italian restaurant which did kids portions. Where would you think of staying and would you have a car?

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