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Eastnor Castle, Malvern Hills, Herefordshire. Anyone know if it is near a train station?

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fairyfly · 21/07/2004 20:35

I have no idea where this place is and need to get there next week. Anyone know the nearest station, i can't find out any info on the web. Ta very much like

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emkana · 21/07/2004 20:46

The nearest station would probably be Ledbury.
Have a look here

Sorry, can't do links!

Are you going to the big chill?

fairyfly · 21/07/2004 21:03

I maybe going to the Big Chill just sent off an application to be a Steward. Will have to see, i just need also to see how easy it is to get there by public transport. Thanks for your help i have found out the train times to ledbury, hopefully they will put buses on from there.

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marialuisa · 22/07/2004 11:51

Ledbury is very easy to get to but Eastnor Castle is some way out. Think one of the buses goes through the village about once a day. Would check if there are buses otherwise there's a taxi company at ledbury station.

If you're very unlucky you might meet my little sis....

fairyfly · 23/07/2004 08:48

I hope i meet someone, starting to wonder what i am doing now, 4 nights in a tent alone.....

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