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Meggiesmum · 20/07/2004 19:15

I'm thinking of taking my 3 year old daughter to Diggerland in Chatham, Kent but wondered what to expect for my money. Has anyone been there or to another one and if so is there much for a child of that age to do?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 20/07/2004 19:22

Not been but in the Sunday Times this week there was a pull out section on Great Things o Do This Summer type of thing. That Diggerland was one of the recommendations they gave.

mummysurfer · 20/07/2004 19:22

been to the one in Durham and it was brill.
very cheap to get in but then had to pay for rides on a token basis. first time we wnet was very good value as ds was about 2 and was excited to watch it all but refused to go on anything. second time we bought 20 quids worth of tokens and seemed to do very well with them. espec as staff so concerned about safety that they were a bit lapse about collecting the tokens!

maisystar · 20/07/2004 19:24

a friend has been to the one at durham and said it was great. but the food was inedible-really cheap burgers etc so maybe take a picnic?

mummysurfer · 20/07/2004 19:24

oh, be prepared very dirty day out whatever the weather.
went with db and their pushchair had a good layer of black dust.
wear old trainers

roisin · 20/07/2004 19:42

Little ones can sit on the laps of adults. (This was 2 years ago now though, they may have tightened up security - I know they did have a nasty accident at one of their sites.)

We bought grandpa a wristband to go on everything for the day, and the boys took turns to sit on his lap. They all had a fantastic day.

tigermoth · 21/07/2004 07:22

I've been to the Chatham Diggerland a few times, most recently in Feruary this year. Riosin's right - children can sit on the laps of adults (unless the rules have changed).

It's not a very pretty place - not like visiting a children's farm - but it is fun to visit for half a day. Not enough attractions for a 3 year old IMO for a full day visit. You will see lots of mounds of earth or mud, depending on the weather. Don't dress up!

There's a giant revolving digger ride in the middle of the area. Looks quite spectacular as it's so unexpected, but might be a little scary for your dd. She might like the sit on and peddle toy tractors (in a small enclosed concrete area). The tractor rides around Diggerland are also popular with younger children. Indoors, there's plenty of space. One room houses a bouncy castle, computer games, and some arcade games. The other room is given over to the cafe - lots of burger type meals - also a bar. The cafe is not a pretty place either.

Don't be tempted to buy too many tokens when you arrive. You can always top up later. If you buy 10 that gives you and your dd up to 5 turns on the rides. Unless she is mad keen on diggers I think you'll fine that's probably be enough. We usually buy too many tokens and end up with spares - we have even been given spare tokens by people as they are leaving.

If you click on 'dayoutuk' and go to the Vouchers section for the South East, you should get a discount voucher to use against the entrance fee. HTH

tigermoth · 21/07/2004 07:45

that should be 'daysoutuk'

gscrym · 21/07/2004 07:50

Are there any in Scotland? My DS is obsessesed with diggers and tractors, he'd love it.

tigermoth · 21/07/2004 07:59

I'm not sure - there's a good diggerland website if you type 'diggerland' into google.

sinclair · 21/07/2004 14:40

I heard that you need to be 4 to drive the diggers which has put me off trying it - that would be more than my digger-mad 2 year old boy could bear!

highlander · 22/07/2004 02:04

I went last year to Durham with my nephew (3) and my niece (6).

There was tons to do, although the sprogs had to have an adult with them on the machines. My nephew particularly enjoyed the things he could drive himself (adult just sitting with him).

Inside, there was a bouncy castle thing and loads of junk food (burger van variety), which us adults hated but the kids thought they'd died and gone to heaven

In the shop there's stuff for all wallets - my nephew is still very possesive of his Diggerland stickers and t-shirt!

We got there quite early (10am) and the queues weren't too bad - 5 mins at most. However, even in October, it got very busy by lunchtime.

As a day out for wee boys and their dads, it's fab and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I felt it certainly lived up to the hype.

Meggiesmum · 25/07/2004 17:42

Thanks alot for your recommendations/opinions, i think i probably will take her with her dad (he'll enjoy it most!) but i'll make sure it's a dry day - thanks again for the tips.

OP posts:
charliecat · 27/07/2004 17:01

ive got a 2 for 1 entry if anyone wants it

charliecat · 27/07/2004 18:12


unicorn · 27/07/2004 18:26

Hello Charliecat- is there a date on that 2-1 ?
I Would be quite interested in it.. thinking of going soon.

charliecat · 27/07/2004 18:45

Valid till Aug the 31st not on bank hols.
[email protected] if you want it put diggerland in the title please though or ill not be able to see your mail for all the junk mail!

unicorn · 27/07/2004 18:53

just e-mailed... thanks cc!

charliecat · 27/07/2004 20:13

Got your email, voucher in envelope ready to go! Glad to be of use!

unicorn · 29/07/2004 17:32

arrived today-hopefully will use it tomorrow..
thanks cc!!

charliecat · 29/07/2004 17:42

No problem! Have a nice day there!

unicorn · 30/07/2004 19:33

well we went today... and despite the long hot journey we all had a great time.. would recommend it! thanks again cc!!

charliecat · 01/08/2004 21:29

Only just saw this! Glad you had a good day, its been soooo hot hasnt it?

unicorn · 01/08/2004 21:32

yep- we went to the Strood Diggerland so a bit of a drive - and I think it was built in an old quarry!
Only complaint is the very loud music they were pumping out (more like a day out for the leery lads- than for kids!) but otherwise it was great!

charliecat · 01/08/2004 21:34

Ohhh how strange, never been to a kiddys day out with pumping music, wonder why that was?!

unicorn · 01/08/2004 21:38

no idea- but it gave me a headache! and I wrote it on the comments form so I hope they take notice!
might have liked it when I was 18- but I wouldn't be there when I was 18!!! (but i guess some laaads go for a larrrf!!)

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