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SW London/Kingston/Surrey days out for 4 and 2 year old

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hatter · 19/07/2004 15:26

Holidays are looming and I need some inspiration. Not necessarily "big" days out but nice places to visit - by car or train. Have done Natural History Museum and Science Museum - several times and they're just too crowded in the hols anyway. Have also done Legoland recently. Thinking of Bird World for a day. Was greatly upset that the Zoo at Battersea Park has shut (I assume it has anyway, last time I went, about a year ago, it was about to). Where else?

OP posts:
angelpoppet · 19/07/2004 15:30

Fishers Farm Park is brilliant for kids - especially on a nice day - they have a man made pool/beech type thing. Would suggest you take a picnic though as their cafe isn't brilliant.

If your willing to travel in Hants there is Finkley Down Farm aswell - Andover just off M3/A303. Feed all the animals, playground etc etc. My dd (4) loves it there.

lou33 · 19/07/2004 15:32

Agree with Fishers Farm Park

lydialemon · 19/07/2004 15:34

Where is Fishers Farm Park? Sounds nice.

angelpoppet · 19/07/2004 15:35

these are the links for the websites

Fishers Farm Park

Finkley Down Farm

lou33 · 19/07/2004 15:36

Have a look here .

willow2 · 20/07/2004 10:45

Bocketts Farm (near Leatherhead?) Horton Park Farm (near Chessington) Kew Gardens (great interactive kids area just opened) Richmond Park (check the website, has free kids' entertainment every day - locations change weekly I think - so good for a picnic.)

foxinsocks · 20/07/2004 11:45

Have children similar age to yours and looks like I'm in about the same place. Our favourites are

Bushy Park - very close I know but mine could play in the playground for hours. You can go look at the deer and then stumble across the road to Hampton Court and have a wonder down by the river.

Heathrow Gymnastics - soft play for horrendous weather days.

Frensham ponds - near Farnham, the most fantastic way to spend a day. Just down the A3. From memory (and this is a LONG time ago so someone else who lives nearer may be able to help) it has sandy banks and a lovely pond where they can paddle. May have changed but it was brilliant when I last went.

Get the train/drive to Portsmouth and spend the day at the waterfront. You can visit HMS Victory etc. great fun.

Garsons Farm in Esher - you can pick your own fruit and vegetables which mine absolutely loved doing (and quite educational to see how everything grows!). There's a great farm shop and a cafe (though I thought it was a bit expensive). Also a small play area and a garden centre.

hatter · 21/07/2004 20:23

Hi there Foxinsocks,

must have seen you at Bushey Park! We're regulars, though I've always been a bit frustrated that when they did up the playground they didn't put any baby swings in. Been to Garsons Farm but the pick your own passed me by - I came away thinking it was just a garden centre! Haven't tried your other suggestions so will have a look. thanks.

OP posts:
hatter · 21/07/2004 20:31

Sorry Willow,

I didn't scan down and see your thread. Have been to both the farms quite a lot tbh, the kids love them but I'm starting to tire of them! Haven't been to Kew for ages though, so will give that a go. Also had a note to myself to check the entertainment in Richmond Park. They did that at Bushey Park too last year. DD1 decided she was scared of clowns and we had a miserable afternoon. Think she's grown out of that now. DD1's probably grown into it. sigh.

OP posts:
newbie · 21/07/2004 20:39

Would definately recommend Bird World. There's a mini sea life centre just opposite and you get into both for the same price. We've filled many a happy day there, feeding the ducks etc (the toucans will take raisins out of your hand) and watching the penguins. They have lots of parks and a farm section with big old tractors the kids can climb on, as well as the 'Heron theatre' where they bring out some more unusual birds and show off their skills. Top day.

ks · 21/07/2004 20:45

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ks · 21/07/2004 20:48

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foxinsocks · 22/07/2004 09:39

Yes, hatter - I cannot understand why there are no baby swings there or even a climbing frame suitable for very young kids. There's certainly enough space. The only reason I can think is that it was planned by someone who doesn't have kids!! Almost everyone we take there says exactly the same thing...

just in case you haven't seen (and I'm sure you have) but there is a program of entertainment every Thursday in Kingston (clown school, puppet shows). Here's the program thumbs up its thursday if you can bear the crowds!

hatter · 26/07/2004 12:20

just thought I'd let any other SW londoners know - we went to Kew Gardens last week and it was fab. They have a new play area which both adored and the tree top walk was great too. Though I felt distinctly wobbly. And I didn't get chance to look at the things that I would have loved. But that's kids for you.

OP posts:
Babynick · 08/08/2004 13:31

Foxinsocks mentioned Frensham Pond. Went there on Thursday with the kids (aged 3, 4 and 5). Was great. Pond safe enough to paddle in (you need to supervise) at marked area. Nice sandy area, lots of sand - enough to bury a 3 year old standing up - LOL.

There are a few walks starting from the car park as well, if your children are feeling up to it. Longest walk takes you to the Little Pond (no swimming in that) which has woodland surounding it, so plenty of shade.

Land is National Trust. Car Park seems to charge at weekends - £2, but not during the week though I suppose that may vary. NT members free.

At the big pond there is a visitor centre, with small cafe... though I suggest you take your own picnic.

Babynick · 08/08/2004 14:06

Another good place to go in Surrey is Alice Holt Forrest. Have a trail there for children where they get to climb inside wooden structures - an Owl with firemans pole, a tree. Lots of woodland to explore.

Carpark is £2 per day fixed charge.

Directions, from Farnham (A31) take A325 towards Bordon. Go past Birdworld and keep going a couple of miles. Follow signpost for Alice Holt Visitor Centre.

foxinsocks · 12/08/2004 13:07

thanks for that babynick - was wondering whether Frensham ponds was as I remembered it! I've never heard of the Alice Holt Forest so I'll definitely add that to my list of places to go.

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