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Grr... website giving wrong price for holidays!!

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Yorkiegirl · 17/07/2004 16:31

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
mrsflowerpot · 17/07/2004 17:05

have another look to see if they've changed the price on the site or said anything about a fault. I have a feeling that if they advertise the price they might have to honour it. I've got people to honour online prices by making a bit of a fuss (admittedly not anything as high price as a holiday, but the principle is the same, surely).

SenoraPostrophe · 17/07/2004 17:11

I think mrs flowerpot's right: they have to sell at the advertised price. But then you needed a 1 bed.

GeorginaA · 17/07/2004 17:54

Internet shopping gets a little complicated in law - an automated receipt does not count as a "proper" receipt by law, so they can withdraw the offer after that has been sent out. A price on a website (or a price in a shop for that matter) is only an invitation to treat - they can still refuse to sell it to you at that price.

Can you tell I've got caught out on this before?! (When a website mistakenly keyed in a laptop price at £1!) We have got some bargains in the past though where the company made a genuine mistake but decided to go ahead at the cheaper price as a gesture of good will, though.

GeorginaA · 17/07/2004 17:56

Incidentally though, I think that they're legally obliged to correct the price as soon as they are aware of the error - worth writing a quick email to office of fair trading with screenshots and a summary of your telephone conversation. You never know, you might get some vouchers out of them...

SoupDragon · 17/07/2004 20:12

Once upon a time, high street stores did have to sell you an item at an incorrectly marked lower price but no longer. As Georgina says, the price is simply an invitation to buy at that price, not a contract. I think it may be a different case if they have advertised, via a campaign, holidays at a certain price and no such cheap holidays exist.

GeorginaA · 17/07/2004 20:23

The problem with when they had to sell it I assume was down to people peeling price tags off and switching them

With the advertising, my understanding is that it comes under a different law - they'll get heavily fined for misrepresentation in the adverts, but they still don't have to give the holiday at that price.

katzguk · 17/07/2004 20:35

have you tried found you a 7 nights in september in malloca for 440

Chandra · 17/07/2004 20:39

Sometime they advertise holidays, flights and hotel fareas at certain price but are not able to update their database in real-time and this fares come in first come, first served basis. I have found easier to pick up the phone and ring them to see what they have rather than trusting the site. Having said that, is extremely acurate.

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