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Legoland - £10 a ticket - until July 31st

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Hulababy · 17/07/2004 14:15

Thought I would draw people's attention to this deal.

On there are flat rate tickets for Legoland for £10 each - a huge saving!

But they are only available until July 31st.

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 17/07/2004 14:26

thanks hulababy...will definitely use that in the holidays!

Trifle · 17/07/2004 14:34

I've been onto site but it's not showing any dates available.

Hulababy · 17/07/2004 14:42

How odd. On this page , for me I can click on any date from 18th to 31st July. They are shown in pink and underlined on my screen.

OP posts:
Trifle · 17/07/2004 14:49

Sorry, my mistake, I went onto it separately as opposed to via a link and have gone ahead and booked although I have to admit that Legoland is not my favourite place but for £10 each it's probably worth suffering. Also noticed Thorpe Park is heavily discounted which I prefer so might do that too. Thanks for that.

unicorn · 17/07/2004 14:51

trifle- why is legoland not so good?
I have never been but thinking may book those tickets.

Trifle · 17/07/2004 14:59

There's been postings on Legoland before. Basically it's either a place you love or hate. I hate it because the prices are ridiculously high, particularly coughing up £20 for a 3 year old is rather galling when the things they can do are fairly limited. It's set on a massive hill with big bottlenecks and basically you just spend all your time queuing for poxy stupid rides. The stunt show although cheesy was saved by the gymnastic ability of the athletes. The food is overpriced beyond belief - the equivalent of a Macdonalds meal for 2 adults and 2 children came to a whopping £24 and there was little better fare other than the most mediocre in fast food. There were a few spots where you could take a picnic so might do that when I go. I'm going again although I vowed never to basically because for £20 the 3 of us can have hopefully a nice'ish day out relatively cheaply.

pepsi · 17/07/2004 15:11

We have a pass for Legoland, we went earlier this year when you had the chance to convert your ticket to a pass for most of the summer for the standard ticket price, it therefore cost £60.00 for 2 adults, a 4 year old and 2 year old. We have therefore been twice this week and had a lovely time. Yes I totally agree the food is overpriced and is the usual unhealthy theme park food, but you expect that nowadays so my advice is to take a packed lunch. The queues have been fine this week, although most hadnt broken up when we went. At 6.00 on Thursday the Jungle Coaster ride had no queue and we went on it 4 times, our 4 year old just made the height limit. Theres loads to do for my 2 year old and they both enjoyed the Johnny Thunder Show. I would also recommened taking a towel and some trunks for the kids as there is a water section which spurts water out of the ground, they love it, its a shame for them to miss out on that one. Both liked watching the moving lego models themselves is the lego area. I think its a great day out provided its not massively busy, the first time we went it was and it did put us off, but have been 4 times since and its never been like it, perhaps we have been lucky.

popsycal · 17/07/2004 15:37


popsycal · 17/07/2004 15:37


foxinsocks · 17/07/2004 16:58

not my favourite place either (far prefer chessington) but for £10, I can just about bear it . Definitely my kids favourite place but then again, they love lego.

ks · 17/07/2004 18:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Wifeof · 18/07/2004 20:19

It might be worth noting that Tesco Clubcard Deals did (and hopefully still do) discounted tickets which you have to order a month or two in advance, so if you've got Clubcard vouchers it's well worth saving up for.

I've been twice now, as my in-laws live nearby, and managed to get 2 adult + 2 child tickets for £18 worth of vouchers. (This was 2 years ago so it's probably a bit more now). Cash entry on the day would have been £80!!

Also agree with other msgs, food poor and v. expensive - take a picnic and something to sit on as benches/seating are very limited.

If you can do the above, it's a good day out. If you pay cash on the day and have to buy food, a day out for 4 could cost over £100!!!

Piffleoffagus · 18/07/2004 20:42

done it, wonderful hula thanks for that, ds will love it there and dd will enjoy the day out as well.

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