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What to take on hols??

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Twinkie · 15/07/2004 10:35

Any tips girls - am 24 weeks but not necessarily just pregnant stuff more advice on all round things as well as pregnancy!!

OP posts:
Blu · 15/07/2004 11:51

Laptop / WAP phone for MN access

Otherwise, the bare minimum - you don't want to do yourself in lugging loads of stuff around - and it's uncool these days. Minimum toiletries decanted into mini-bottles, packable, comfy mix'n'match clothing, a few distractions for DD, good book (take two that you and DP would both enjoy and swap half way, don't take two books EACH), and sunscreen for the first week (buy extra bottles there) - you are not going to the back of beyond, so anything you really need will be available in the local shop.

motherinferior · 15/07/2004 11:59

Blu is so cool

I personally am struggling with this at the moment...will let you know when I have given up (in about 30 minutes, I reckon) and dived into a pre-holiday glass of lunchtime wine to recover

Blu · 15/07/2004 12:19

Oh yes, MI has reminded me: take swiss army knife with corkscrew attachment.

motherinferior · 15/07/2004 12:43

Am currently kneedeep in crap. Insect repellant. Immodium. Things For The Journey. Have changed my my mind!

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