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Other Hints for Take off and Landing

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Chuffed · 15/07/2004 10:21

The hint today has reminded me to find out some more about the take off and landing when flying. We are taking dd who will be 4mths on the first leg of our journey. She is primarily breast fed and I was wondering if anybody knows if the airlines are OK with breast feeding during take off and landing to help with pressure changes in the ear as I was hoping to avoid taking bottles in the carry on luggage...there will be enough as it is.
Any other ideas for making her swallow to make her flight a bit more comfortable. We do have a basinet booked and are flying Singapore Airlines almost the whole way.

OP posts:
lou33 · 15/07/2004 10:23

I breastfed mine during take off and landing with no problems. Failing that do you use dummies? Or give a bottle?

JanZ · 15/07/2004 10:43

Breast feeding on take off and landing is great. Really comforts them. She'll be on your lap anyway, with the "extra" lap belt, so feeding her should be relatively easy

My ds didn't seem to be bothered by the pressure changes at all. Any time he started getting a bit grizzly, I just plugged him on

Ds was 11 months and 13 months when we were flying (first time was a trial holiday to Greece and second time was long haul to South Africa - which is why I fed for longer than 12 months)

aloha · 15/07/2004 10:52

Feed or give a dummy. the swallowing action equalises pressure and relieves pain. I have never You can breastfeed on takeoff and landing - I have. The baby is on your lap anyway.

prettycandles · 15/07/2004 11:38

Unless you know that she feeds for a very long time, don't start feeding her until the plane starts its take-off run. If you start when the plane starts taxiing, you don't know how long it will be until the take-off itself, and may have finished the feed before you actually take off.

Have a bottle of water in the carry-on luggage in any case, just-in-case.

Chandra · 15/07/2004 11:43

Agree with pretty candles, don't start feeding until the plane is runing for take off. DS finished his bottle twice before the take of and then he has to suffered all the pain of the pressure change.

SoupDragon · 15/07/2004 12:09

No one will be able to see that you're bf-ing during take off as they're all sat down It's easy enough to do with the silly baby selt belt contraption

JanZ · 15/07/2004 12:49

Another vote for the "leave it as late as possible" technique - although sometimes it's not possible as the child gets fractious with being constrained on your lap, so you get forced into plugging them on to keep them quiet!

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