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Been to Jersey?

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Coj · 14/07/2004 19:04

Can you recommend a good hotel or places to go?
Thinking about De Vere coz it's right by beach.

OP posts:
Judd · 14/07/2004 19:12

Go to Jersey Pottery - has wonderful restaurant with children's menu that does NOT consist of the usual nugget, fish finger fare. Also has children's play room next to it so you can get a table for your meal and keep an eye on kids at the same time.
There is a big swimming complex on the front with water slides etc. We went with our 2 year old DD and she loved it - bobbing around the rapides with her armbands on!
Pizza Express is good for tea early evening and is on St Brelades beach so you can spend the afternoon there and then bob straight into PE for some lovely food. They are very child friendly too.
Jersey Zoo and the Lavender Farm are also good fun.
Ooooh I'm really jealous of you going! I love Jersey! Sorry I can't recommend any hotels but we rented a cottage there last year. We also hired a car which was invaluable for getting around. Have a fab time! (oh and make sure you have Jersey cream on top of ALL your ice creams for added lard !)

Posey · 14/07/2004 21:04

I know it wasn't me asking, but thanks for all that. We're off to Jersey for a couple of weeks on Saturday and I can't wait.
Our first holiday as a family of 4 (we didn't go away last year) and as ds is 18m, we're hoping for a real good bucket and spade holiday.

Coj · 15/07/2004 18:54

Thanks Judd.
Have a lovely time Posey, you never know, we could see you there. (Not booked yet but we always do everything last minute)

OP posts:
Posey · 15/07/2004 22:32

You never know, we may end up sharing a beach!
I often wonder that about women I pass in the street with kids, if they're a mumsnetter.
Anyway hope you have a good time if you get there.

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