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Hotels on South Coast

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noddy5 · 14/07/2004 14:30

We are in the middle of a v stressful move and won't get a holiday this year so I would like to take dp and ds to a really nice hotel for a couple of nights.Somewhere within 1-2 hours of Brighton preferably with a spa/pool and things to do local or in hotel for ds who is 10.I am quite happy to pay for somewhere really nice for a treat Any ideas?

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noddy5 · 14/07/2004 16:11


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DelGirl · 14/07/2004 16:17

Can't do links sorry, but how about The Chewton Glen. It's in New Milton, Dorset. Very pricy.
I think Posh & Becks had a party there once. There's another in the New Forest but the name escapes me at the mo - i'll keep thinking.

DelGirl · 14/07/2004 16:27

Rhinefield House was the other one!.

CountessDracula · 14/07/2004 16:31

I went to a v posh party at Rhinefield House when it was a private house in the early 80s. It was spooky but amazing. Bet it would be a great hotel.

Chewton glen is upwards of £400 per night I warn you!

There is a nice place near Winchester called Lainston House, not sure it has a spa though. Not stayed there but been to a couple of weddings.

DelGirl · 14/07/2004 18:41

CD - think you can stay at the Chewton Glen for as little as £200 . What a bargain!

prettycandles · 14/07/2004 20:34

Knoll House near Poole is very nice and relaxing. No spa in the sense of a pampering-zone, but a little gym, a jacuzzi and indoor and outdoor pools. Excellent food. Pool room for older kids I think (have only toddlers myself) Nice beaches, Corfe Castle, windsurfing in Poole harbour. A little old-fashioned and vaguely fuddy-duddy, but they bend over backwards to make your stay pleasant.

There's another place near Dover that we stayed at, Walletts Court. Also very nice, and near Dover Castle which was brilliant to visit!

noddy5 · 15/07/2004 10:32

Thanks all!I am checking out the websites today and plan to surprise dp and ds asap

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