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Israel - family friendly places to go

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lisalisa · 17/07/2004 19:27

Message withdrawn

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marialuisa · 14/07/2004 10:04

Have a fab time, don't know that part very well (although have had some great nights out in Tel Aviv!)

Will watch this thread with interest

lisalisa · 14/07/2004 10:43

Message withdrawn

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prettycandles · 14/07/2004 14:17

I vaguely recall hearing nice things about the beach at Ashdod. IIRC, the current runs northwards along the coast, so the water immediately south of T-A is cleaner than at T-A itself. Azor (I looked it up on the map as I don't know it) certainly looks convenient for T-A.

When I asked my father what I could do to support Israel, now that I was busy with my own new family and no longer active in the community, he said 'go there on holiday'. My family has long and current connections with Israel, have served in the army and have no intention of ever submitting to terrorism. Even so, previously when things were particularly rough there, my family, and friends and relatives in Israel, were saying not to come, not when I was pregnant or with a young baby - they felt the gesture wasn't worth the risk. This year everyone in Israel feels far safer, and all were delighted for us to come.

TBH, I too was a little uncomfortable about using buses, but when you see the security precautions everywhere I think you'll feel reassured. At every entrance to every building with public access that we wnet to - including malls and restaurants with outside entrance - there are security guards who check your bags and swipe you, the baby, the buggy, everything with a detector. To get into the train station we had to show ID - fortunately we had our passports with us. The regular buses don't have that sort of precaution, so no doubt that's why they are targeted. We went on a couple of buses because ds was very excited about the 'bendybuses' ('Are there bendybuses in England, Mummy?' so we rode a few stops to Museon HaAretz outside rushhour.

I vaguely recall hearing nice things about the beach at Ashdod. IIRC, the current runs northwards along the coast, so the water immediately south of T-A is cleaner than at T-A itself. Azor (I looked it up on the map as I don't know it) certainly looks convenient for T-A.

prettycandles · 18/07/2004 12:02

Lucky lucky! We went in May. Where are you staying? We stayed with my aunt in Ramat Aviv, and with my cousins in Haifa. The beach in Tel Aviv is 'not what it used to be' apparently - that's what everyone was telling us, so we didn't bother going while we were there but went while we were in Haifa. The best times to go to the beach are early in the morning when there is very little wind and very low waves but the water is relatively cool, or late in the afternoon (supper picnic?) when the water is very warm but the waves are higher and the wind is stronger.

The Safari park in Ramat Gan was wonderful - everyone enjoyed themselves, even though we went on the only day that month when the Sharav blew (hot, dry, sandstormy). Take a full day and some supplies - the restaurant is a bit feeble even by Israeli standards. You don't need a car because the taxi can drop you right at the entrance and the staff have an airconditioned minibus to take pedestrians to tour the 'wild' areas. There are plenty of waterfountains in the zoo itself and a nice playground.

Museon Eretz Yisrael in Ramat Aviv is very nice. More-or-less buggy friendly except around the excavations on the tel. There are plenty of water fountains, but when we went none of the ones on or around the tel were working. The south west (?) corner has some old trains which kept dh and ds entranced for ages. BTW, phone to check the opening hours, they weren't the same as on our leaflets.

Migdal Azrieli in Tel-Aviv is the highest building in the Middle East at the moment (though another building in Ramat Gan will overtake it in a year or so). Get dropped off on the wrong side of the road and walk over on the footbridge. There is a shopping centre underneath (we enjoyed the Yotvata restaurant's buffet) and you can go up to the lower rooftop garden (some sort of drop-in summer club for children, but closed when we were there) and to the viewing gallery on the top floor - spectacular.

Have a lovely time! I'll try and remember more - should be a pleasure to do so .

prettycandles · 18/07/2004 12:03

'water fountains'? I meant drinking fountains

codswallop · 18/07/2004 14:28

Oh god be careful!

am worried now

lisalisa · 18/07/2004 16:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
prettycandles · 18/07/2004 18:41

Oh codswallop, codswallop! It's not a war-zone. We only ever hear the bad things that happen. Did the IRA Christmas bombing campaigns ever stop you going shopping?

People live a normal life in Israel, they're just more aware of security, and more passionate about life.

prettycandles · 18/07/2004 18:43

Is your dh a Sabra? If he is you haven't a hope of getting the info you want from him! You know how laid-back and 'yihiye beseder' they can be.

lisalisa · 18/07/2004 19:43

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
prettycandles · 19/07/2004 01:22


We didn't get to Park HaYarkon - despite staying practically round the corner from it and driving past at least once a day! I'm told there is also a beautiful aviary there. Shame about the Yarkon itself, so pretty yet so polluted.

Do your lot like trains? If so, then take a ride on the train - that's how we travelled between T-A and Haifa. It's a lovely journey, though the train can get crowded between Thursday pm and Sunday.

So where are you staying?

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