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Crete (Istron Bay) with DS and baby DD - any tips for the heat???

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PasstheGin · 16/07/2004 22:10

In a moment of madness I have booked a fortnight in Crete (Istron Bay Hotel) at the end of August. DS is catered for (chips, ice cream and a pool) but would appreciate any tips on flying/ being frazzled with baby as it's four years since I last did it!)

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gloworm · 16/07/2004 22:21

make sure she is hungry/thirsty as you get on the plane...then she can have some bottle just as plane is taking off, this means her ears will not hurt.

have lots of small, easy-to-carry toys to keep them amused on flight.

what ages are they?

mummyintexas · 16/07/2004 22:22

Hi there
I live in boiling hot Texas (35ish today...yikes!)..what we do with dd is dress her only in a baby grow - stay in the shade as much as possible. When she gets overheated (nearly every day at the moment) we run her feet under quite cold water - seems to help her cool down quickly. Also a fan is a great idea - a battery powered one you can waft over her face. Cold flannels help too.
Crete sounds fab - have a fun holiday!

gloworm · 16/07/2004 22:25

aloe vera gel is great as a really cooling soothing cream...fantastic fantastic fantastic for heat rash!! and safe for baby and toddler

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