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E111 for babies?

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Simi · 11/07/2004 21:51

Hi, I am going to take my 3 months old baby abroad for the first time and was just wondering whether he needs an E111 form in case I need to take him to the doctor while on holiday, any thoughts?

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 11/07/2004 21:58

I don't know whether you have to have separate ones or a family one but we have friends who have just come back from Spain. Their baby got ill and they had to go to hospital (with some vomiting bug). They refused to treat the baby unless the parents produced the E111. The parents had forgotten to get one so after hours (literally) of pleading, they agreed to treat the baby if the father showed his UK driving licence.

So I would definitely get one before you go!! (but not sure if you get a family one or one per person).

LIZS · 11/07/2004 22:21

Think you need one naming the whole family. It covers some non EU countries too. Sometimes you still pay but can reclaim most of the cost. Don't forget other travel insurance too though in case you have to delay return etc

mrsflowerpot · 11/07/2004 22:55

It's one for all of you, until the children are 16 or 19 in full-time education. One of you is the main holder, and the rest must be named individually. I've just looked at ours!

Take photocopies, 2 or 3, with you. If you need treatment in some places you will need to give them a copy and you don't really want to be parting with the original.

mrsflowerpot · 11/07/2004 22:56

meant to say also, you can include dp whether or not you are married.

SofiaAmes · 12/07/2004 03:46

Yes, definitely do one for your baby AND you. It's super easy to do. I have done many over the years for me, dh, step kids, my kids, dh's step daughter, etc. It doesn't really matter who goes on which form. I have one for dh, me, ds, dd. And then another for dh and his 3 children.

mummytojames · 12/07/2004 09:04

when we took ds away this year we was told by the post office the child has to go on yours plus have a seperate one themselfs

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