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South West Wales - things to do please

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WedgiesMum · 10/07/2004 01:09

Me, DH, DS (5) and DD (3) are going to South West Wales in August for our holidays (yipee!!). Can you give us any advice about things to do, places to go, best beaches etc etc etc. we plan to spend plenty of time on the beach - weather permitting - but as we are there for two whole weeks I think we need to some other things. Anything considered! as the children are quite easy to entertain really, also any recommendations for good cafes would be helpful.



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cerys · 10/07/2004 12:31

Where exactly in South West Wales do you mean? i.e. Tenby, or further west ie Pembroke/Fishguard etc? Let me know and I'll have a think for you! We are off to Tenby next week and I am as excited as DD1 (age 4) and DD2 (age 2)!

mothernature · 10/07/2004 12:55

WedgiesMum have a look here plenty to do, love Wales especially Tenby..cerys do you do Barafundel Beach when you go to Tenby? if not try it its wonderful..

tiamaria · 10/07/2004 13:01

WedgiesMum - Sorry, I haven't much time, so I'll just do a list of things that come into my head. I'll come back to this thread later if I get more info.

Tenby.Oakwood. Groveland. Folly Farm. Yerbaston House Farm Shop (for fantastic meat, veg). Barafundle Beach. Stackpole. A garden centre with a fantastic tearoom near a family run activity place which is excellent for kids (bumper boats on water, croquet, boules, horse riding, archery, indoor play, golf thing, etc). What is the activity place called?!!! I can't remember! I think there's a cheese making place with a tearoom half way between the two. I'll post the names when dh is home from work and I ask him. tm xx

OldieMum · 10/07/2004 13:14

Huge beach at Broadhaven, with nice pub lunches in the next cove along, called Little Haven. There's also a family-friendly restaurant and hotel at nearby Druidstone (the Druidstone Hotel); another excellent beach at Whitesands Bay, with restaurants and cafes nearby at St Davids. They might like to walk down to St David's Cathedral, which pretty and is tucked away in a valley. They might also like a bird/seal-watching boat trip around Skomer Island. Haverfordwest is a bit run-down, but has a good tourist information office.

cerys · 10/07/2004 15:19

mothernature,I went to Barafundle when on holiday there as a teenager, but haven't been recently. would like to go again!

There's Bosherston lilypools, though not sure how ideal this is for little ones! There is an activity place called Heatherton (?) and also Heron's Brook near Narberth where there is golf, but also animals, slides and trampolines, nature walks etc.

We went to the aquarium at St Davids and to be honest I should have just let DH take DD1 in. We had to carry DD2 in her buggy up a spiral staircase and we'd seen all the fish within 10 minutes! It wasn't cheap either. And I got pecked by some big ducks outside as we left!

Milford Haven has a bowling alley place (down by the marina )and there is a soft play area and a cafe within it, which whiled away a wet morning last year.

tiamaria · 10/07/2004 16:08

WedgiesMum - The family run activity place I mentioned is Heatherton. See The garden centre is about 1 mile away. Folly Farm's details are on Oakwood's website is Are you National Trust members? There are some nice gardens and walks. Hope you have a good time!

WedgiesMum · 10/07/2004 23:06

OOooooooo thanks for this ladies! Lots of sound advice. Used to go when I was a tiddler, but as that is (cough!) 30 years ago things will definitely have changed!!!

  • cerys we are staying in Neyland but anything within about 90 mins drive is fine for us, so anything you can suggest would be good. Hope you all have a lovely time in Tenby!
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