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Suggestions for a Cottage/Country House hire for 8 adults and 6 kids?

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Lorien · 05/07/2004 15:59

Its my dad's 65th birthday next year and he wants an extended-family get together. Well, actually its not that extended, just me and my two sisters. As we are all married and have two kids apiece, that makes 4 pairs of adults and 3 pairs of kids (all aged between 4 and 1).
There is talk in the air of renting an English Country House / Scottish Castle or something like that. Of course it all sounds very lovely and I've seen a couple of gorgeous websites. But I will be coming from Malaysia and one of my other sisters will be coming from America, so somewhere within a few hours' drive of Heathrow would best. Also, a place with far flung bedrooms and non-creaky floors (all that jetlag will be a killer) is dead important. Has anyone rented a place that might fit our requirements? Or have any ideas of places to look at? Many thanks, Lorien

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codswallop · 05/07/2004 16:02

yes we are off
here en masse this autumn

codswallop · 05/07/2004 16:03

Oh shut link didnt work

put in
Groom Cottage


Piddletrenthide, Dorset.

codswallop · 05/07/2004 16:03

prop ref DGH

codswallop · 05/07/2004 16:04

there are about 4 cottages all around a heated indoor pool games room etc

sis · 05/07/2004 17:04

My sister, her son, my son and I went there about two years ago Coddy. We stayed in the Keeper's Cottage as it has an enclosed garden. It was okay but we thought it was very expensive for the accommodation - I think they can bump up the prices because they allow pets and because of the indoor heated pool (which is pretty small but fime for splashing about with kids). I'd be interested to see what you think after you've been.

BTW, we noticed that the owners had their grocery delivered from Tescos and you may want to phone ahead and agree a grocery deliverey to get there on the day you arrive to save a half an hour drive to the nearest supermarket!

codswallop · 05/07/2004 17:21

grandpas 70th birthday treat!
thanks for the tip abiut tesco
there will be 8 adults and 7 cousins!

littlemissbossy · 05/07/2004 17:22

nice ones on
can't get the link to work, but copy and paste this -

Hulababy · 05/07/2004 17:46

As on the other cottage thread I have used Welcome cottages at this site a number of times and they have always been very good. I know that they do big places throughout England, Scotland and Wales, as well as Ireland and France.

poppyseed · 05/07/2004 17:59

Nice ones fairly reasonably priced at welcome holidays

poppyseed · 05/07/2004 18:00

Sorry Hulababy - great minds think alike!! They are good though aren't they? We've been to France as well as UK with them and they are good value all round.

Hulababy · 05/07/2004 18:04

We have always been really pleased with them. Only stayed in UK with them so far, but have just booked to stay in one in France, near the Somme this October. Have taken PILs with us before too and they have been very impressed as well.

muddaofsuburbia · 05/07/2004 18:08

If you do go for the Scottish castle idea then try the National Trust for Scotland website. We had our honeymoon in the butler's apartment in Brodick Castle which was totally fabulous - the run of a while castle to yourself once the tourists have disappeared!

If money was no object I like The Eisenhower Apartment in Culzean Castle (pronounced Cullane). Has big connections with the US (obviously!)
It is in Ayrshire, so a bit of a distance but possibly worth it?

Lorien · 05/07/2004 19:20

Wow, thanks for the responses! The Eisenhower apartment -- just lovely but methinks they would not be too happy with marauding toddlers. Coddy, thanks for the Piddle Valley recommendation. I'll send that round the family and see what kind of response I get. And thanks also for the "welcome holidays" site.
My dad has his eye on a place called Castle Lachlan ( if anyone wants to take a look. Looks great, but I'm not so keen on the extra flight to get there.

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