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any one know somewhere to stay close to calais (travelling with out car)

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jema · 04/07/2004 14:03

hi, any one know somewhere to stay close to calais , and is there anywhere nice to go in that area- on public transport(travelling with out car)
have got voucher that entitles me + 2x dd to travel to france on hoverspeed for free off ebay!!(they charge alot to take the car)
so i thought a quick trip over might be fun during the holidays, but concerned that the ferry terminal from rusty memory is in the middle of grot/ industrial, cant find much info about the local area, dont want to get stranded with 2 young girls, idealy a little 2 night "adventure" to somewhere close with a harbour perhaps on a train... any ideas / info pls ...thx

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Hulababy · 04/07/2004 14:16

There are loads of cheap hotels and B&Bs in Calais itself, and to be honest we were pleasantly suprised with the town. there are lots of little cafe bars - all fine for you take children into. Lots of shops too. We just got on the Internet and found some B&B near the coast line - about 10 minute walk into the town. Was playground nearby too.
Just had quick search:

suitable for foot passengers

We stayed here for one night - Not bad, only 2 star but clean and comfortable, nice breakfast, on sea front - can watch ferries coming in from window.

Marina · 04/07/2004 14:23

Jema, why not try Boulogne. From Calais centre there are buses and trains to Boulogne. It has some nice shops and cafes, ramparts in the Old Town, and best of all, down by the seaside and next to a lovely white sand beach, there is the Nausicaa aquarium.
Would agree with Hulababy that Calais is underrated, though - we like it there. Ancienne Histoire does lovely grills, there is a nice park nearby. We also successfully took ds to La Pleiade, a very nice but not stuffy restaurant that is supposed to be one of the best in the region.
Or, if you are keen to go further afield on the train, I notice Etaples Le Touquet has a station. Etaples is a fishing port, Le Touquet an old-fashioned, family-friendly seaside resort - never stayed there though, and I would not mind betting that with a station name like that you have a walk or cab fare to get to either town centre!

jema · 04/07/2004 14:30

inspiring ladies..thx
shall research more

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