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Blaye, France and supermarkets in Bordeaux

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LadyP · 02/07/2004 21:24

Has anyone ben there or stayed there?

What is there to do?

Also, can anyone suggest any largish supermarkets in Bordeaux where one could do a big shop for a week?


OP posts:
wickedstepmum · 03/07/2004 01:33

There is an excellent large Leclerc supermarket in Blaye. So good my mum, who lives 40 minutes drive away, often goes there. For small children there is an excellent play ground in the middle of Blaye, near the harbour, swings, roundabouts etc. Mine, at 10 and 11 enjoyed running around the citadael at Blaye, but now they are a bit older, 13 & 14, they need the promise of a pretty big ice-cream at the end of it. For even older children the surfing beaches at La Canaou, (I know this is spelt worng but I can't find my map of France) on the other side of the Medoc peninsula, are some of the best in Europe. For littles there are lovely inland lakes with safe paddling and swimming. Have a good time!

LadyP · 03/07/2004 20:55

Thanks, WS

Being as I don't want to do anything too exciting (relaxing as much as I can), the playground and lakes sound great for a 3 and 4 year old.

Glad to know there's a supermarket nearby as well.

Thanks again

OP posts:
ggglimpopo · 03/07/2004 21:11

Message withdrawn

wickedstepmum · 03/07/2004 21:35

ggglimpopom my mum is at St Georges, near Mirambeau. Where are you? My brother and his wife and 2 children (13 & 11) live there too. SiL is American and the children now speak better French than English...
LadyP, the zoo at La Palmyre is the best I've ever been to.

wickedstepmum · 03/07/2004 21:36

ggglimpopo - sorry, extra M!

ggglimpopo · 03/07/2004 21:51

Message withdrawn

LadyP · 04/07/2004 21:33

Wow. Thanks for this info, ladies.

Are there many English people out there, then?

We are going in September so who knows, ggglimpopo, you may see us around. I'll be with Metrobaby and family as well as Lord and Master P. So if you see one dark woman speaking broken french (despite her uni degree), one not as dark woman, three caramel coloured children and two harrassed pale-looking men shouting at the women and children in english, you will have found us

OP posts:
wickedstepmum · 05/07/2004 11:56

ggglimpopo, I'll think of you by the pool - we've got a week in the Lakes with MiL this summer - no France, alas.

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