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Cottage in N France, near Somme - what to do, what to see?

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Hulababy · 21/06/2004 20:17

We have just booked a lovely little cottage in France, shown here for October half term.

It is not far from the Somme, and only 20ish miles from the coast.

Going is me, DH and 2yo DD, and PILs. We are going for full week. Taking one car over but going to hire another car for me, DH and DD for 3 days mid week.

Reason for posting??? To look for hints and tips from MNetters in the know - where to go, what to say, etc?

Other than visiting the war cemetries, which FIL is hoping to do, and we will go one day, what else is there to do and see?

We would quite like a couple of child orientated trips too, so that DD doesn't get to bored. Although she is pretty easy going on the whole.

Also, any other hints and tips for traveeling around that area, especially with a child?


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tabitha · 21/06/2004 20:21

We spent a few days in a caravan near St Valery sur Somme last Summer. I'd definitely recommend a trip to Le Touquet, especially if the weather is good. There's a lovely beach with play parks and trampolines on it for kids and smart shops and nice restaurants and cafes.

Hulababy · 21/06/2004 20:23

That sounds just the thing, thanks. Le Torquet is nearest costal town to where we are staying. TBH, even if it is dull and cold, DD will still enjoy a run about on the beach and a bounce on the trampolines. I will copy details down into Word - trying to make decent list of stuff to take with us.

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littlemissbossy · 21/06/2004 20:31

I agree, Le Touquet is nice... but you may find the touristy places are closed in October. Have you thought about driving to Paris for a couple of days? Disneyland is about 2.5 hrs by car

Hulababy · 21/06/2004 20:36

DH is quite sure he doesn't want to go to Paris again - already been twice. And we are going to Disney, Florida in August so will have only been away from Disney for 9 weeks maximum! Although, do have Disney marked down as apossibility if necessary.

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littlemissbossy · 21/06/2004 20:55
Hulababy · 21/06/2004 20:57

No we haven't. BUt DH has mentioned it - will check out site tomorrow.

Only place we have visited really around there is Rouen. We stayed there for a night last year.

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Janh · 21/06/2004 20:59

Picardy website

Fun for families

Hulababy · 21/06/2004 21:01

Cheers Jan. Park Asterix sounds a good alternative for us from Disney

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Janh · 21/06/2004 21:05

I thought that, Hula (even if DD doesn't have a clue who they all are it'll make a refreshing change!)

Samara sounds interesting too, although the English is fractured to put it mildly!

Hulababy · 21/06/2004 21:15

Samara sounds like something FIL would like too.

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fisil · 21/06/2004 21:40

We're going to the same area next month, hula, so I'll let you know what we get up to (and any nice little bistros...)

Marina · 22/06/2004 11:29

Montreuil is very pretty, St Valery sur Somme has a little steam train (maybe not in Oct ), Parc Asterix is a must, Amien is fascinating - do a punt trip on the Hortillonages (swampy allotments, sounds daft but very interesting), La Coupole near St Omer is also good.
There is supposedly a great water park (Aqualud? Bagatelle?) somewhere on the coast near Le Touquet.
And for you - a day at one of the Thalassotherapie spas in Le Touquet...
Have fun - I think this part of France is really delightful and very underestimated.

Hulababy · 22/06/2004 20:52

Oh, thanks fisil! As we are with the PILs we will require many coffee and drink stops, as well as lunch, afternnon tea, morning coffee, LOL!!!

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Hulababy · 22/06/2004 20:53

Now that spa idea sounds great. Me and MIL could fancy that, and leave DD with DH and FIL for afternoon. Mmmm, definitely looking into that one.

Thanks for all the info. It's really helpful!

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Janh · 22/06/2004 21:17

Awww - have just looked at the Parc Asterix website - it's closed at the end of October

Hulababy · 22/06/2004 21:18


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miggy · 22/06/2004 21:54

there is a nice pool here centre parcs type Very popular with my 3.
Also theme park "bagatelle" but dont know opening dates.
If the weather is nice, the sandy beach at Le crotoy is fab-huge flat expanses of sand-great for running about and building sandcastles, very near St Valery for grown up attractions but nice restaurants in Le Crotoy too.
The Marquenterre bird reserve is nice, there are short walks that are buggy friendly and in lovely pine forests plus lots of fairly near exciting duck type birds (for little people)-good cafe there too.
There is a small zoo in amiens-not huge but in lovely park type setting and you have to stroll along a canal to get there-very pleasant.
Have a lovely time.

Hulababy · 23/06/2004 08:49

Thanks miggy. Pool looks good, especially if some not so good days. Will look into other places - cheers again. Seems there is quite a lot to do in this area!

OP posts:
LIZS · 23/06/2004 08:54

sorry try againmap

Hulababy · 18/10/2004 15:27

Just bumping this as we go on Saturday, so any last minute hints and tips, etc. would be great.

I'll be printing it lall out to take too - having digested it all and thought about it all.

So recap:

Got cottage near Somme, here
Different cottage to original post, as that fell through when owner decided to sell up!

There's me and DH, 2.5yo DD, and PILs (both in mid to late 50s)

Going on Seacat, Dover-Calais. FIL has managed to borrow a big people carrier type thing so we no longer need to hire cars, but we are all going to be out and about together the whole time now.

Planning on eating breakfast and evening meal in cottage most nights. From experience we have found eating out at night in these smaller places quite difficult - late opening times and very smoky, although chldren always made welcome. But we will be eating out at lunch, and (as we have the PILs with us) no doubt several stops for either a coffee and bun, or wine and nibbles

So, already have some fab ideas from here, but any one have other ideas before I print out Thursday night?

OP posts:
Marina · 18/10/2004 15:29

Nothing to add except bon voyage and the autumn veg there (Picardie cooking is yum) will be at its best, chicory braised with smoked ham and beer etc...have a great break Hula.

Hulababy · 18/10/2004 15:33

Thanks Marina

Got to get my old French going again, to do some shopping for food when there. Have to start remembering all that old GCSE stuff...

OP posts:
codswallop · 18/10/2004 15:34

have only been there on a battle field trip!

Hulababy · 18/10/2004 15:38

If FIL gets his own way we'll be visiting at least one of the war cemetries as well.

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