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Tinned food on airlines

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surfhead · 05/06/2002 19:55

We're holidaying in Greece/Turkey and to play it safe want to take about a weeks worth of food for my 9 month old ds. Will cans of Heinz baby food blow up if put in the hold? Otherwise my hand luggage will be a nightmare

OP posts:
Mima · 06/06/2002 09:06

I have taken mixture of jars and cans in suitcase and have had no experience of them blowing up. I packed them in little sealed vileda plastic bags (from the supermarket) incase the glass ones broke in transit. I also took some of the boxes of baby food, the ones you mix up yourself.

CAM · 13/06/2002 09:51

I would (and have) let the child eat whatever is appropriate of the local food as much as possible.
Some of your food cut up very small and finger foods. I bet you can get jars there but you could take some dried foods in case.

Quimble · 13/06/2002 22:16

Hi surfhead
I went to Italy last year with my then 6 month old. I took quite a lot of jars in my suitcase with no disastrous consequences whatsoever. Also managed to buy quite a few jars out there (always in the Pharmacy, don't seem to do baby stuff in the supermarket), although they weren't quite so tastefully marketed as ours over here, ie they were called "Beef", "Chicken" and that was about it.
Tom (baby) also ate pureed avocado and tomato, and other bits and bobs. I took packets out too with me, but the thing they mixed into didn't look or taste very nice so I don't think he had much of those.

Have a good holiday!

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