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where's a good destination for January

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thirtysomething · 18/06/2004 20:47

that's not massively expensive but relatively warm? Thinking maybe US (not necessarily Florida) or an island somewhere.

OP posts:
OldieMum · 18/06/2004 21:13

How about the Canaries? There are plenty pf options which avoid the razzmataz if you go to La Gomera or the north of Tenerife. We had a week in Puerto de la Cruz one December and enjoyed it very much. The temperature was roughly equivalent to April/early May in Britain. If you want real heat, you could go to South Africa.

geekgrrl · 19/06/2004 09:52

we went to Playa Blanca on Fuerteventura in January once. The weather was very pleasant at around 20 - 25 degrees and sunny. The resort is good for families - pretty quiet, with a nice promenade and a safe, man-made sandy beach. Flight time wasn't too bad either, four hours or so.

geekgrrl · 19/06/2004 09:55

Lanzarote I meant! Been to Fuerteventura too but that really does get windy...

kiwicath · 19/06/2004 19:41

How bout coming to visit me in Sharm, Egypt. Really cheap in Jan, only a 5 hour flight from Gatwick, fantastic diving/snorkeling, sun all year round, great for the sprogs too. Drop me a line if you want some more info.

Tissy · 19/06/2004 19:53

I was going to suggest Egypt! Kiwicath.does Sharm still have that really good fish restaurant- in the old town, rather than the resort? I remember trestle tables, and huge platters piled high with every imaginable type of fish, cooked straight from the boat. The chips were good, too!

kiwicath · 20/06/2004 15:24

Tissy, yep, fish restaurant still here in old Sharm. Could be one of two - either "Sinai Star" or "Saf Safa". The later being smaller, friendlier and cheaper. When were you here, where did you stay, did you dive and did you enjoy? Sorry about the twenty questions but really interested to know what people think.

thirtysomething · 20/06/2004 20:26

thanks for the advice everyone - Egypt sounds fab, hadn't thought of that, might have to talk dp round though! We had a bad holiday in the Canaries so not sure if we'd try that again, but certainly worth considering! Thanks everyone!

OP posts:
Tissy · 20/06/2004 20:46

kiwicath, it was a few years back, before I married, so at least 6 years ago. Having trouble remembering all the details- went to Sharm twice and Hurghada once, I think. First time in Sharm sayed somewhere cheap (called something like the Pigeon House?)and second time was a posh place- Hilton?

Did dive, but can't remember who with, now, and can't find my log book in my tip of a study! Went on "Golden Diver " one trip- was that out of Sharm?- gorgeous! Really loved it, but haven't dived for ages now, as had problems with clearing my ears, and now have tinnitus and some deafness on left. Probably caused by me ignoring the pain and just going on down!!. Now have the same problems descending on aeroplanes. Really, really wish I could dive again, but not too keen to risk deafness in my other ear. If I could get my act together, should see an ENT who specialises in diving to see whether grommets would/ could help- but doubt if I could do that on NHS. Also, dh and 2 year old dd don't dive and could hardly scoot off on holiday without them.

Loved Egypt- that's why I keep coming on here and recommending it to people- saw all the diving "sights" eg Thistlegorm- stupendous! and a WHALE SHARK!!! OMG- at the time didn't realise they don't eat meat- was terrified!! Too stunned to get out the camera, unfortunately.

May seriously consider another Red Sea holiday, suppose I could snorkel....

(sorry for hijacking 30s's thread!)

kiwicath · 21/06/2004 11:25

30something, good luck with where ever you decide. Look me up if you come over this way.

Tissy, shame about the ear. Snorkeling excellent alternative though - and oh yeah .... BI+CH!!! - have been here near on 10 years and have thousands of dives here in Sharm but NEVER seen a whale shark. Not leaving till I do. Had a 3 month stint staying at Pigeon House - it's still standing believe it or not. Do look me up if you consider coming back with the family.

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