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log cabin re-treats....

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fairydust · 22/06/2004 21:03

can anyone recomend any nice holiday centres/ camps that are near the sea that offer log cabins.

don't want a center parcs.

looking for either wales / norfolk and up as far as scarbrough.

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Fio2 · 22/06/2004 21:09

we went to a lovely one in matlock FD. darwin Forest Country Park, it was lovely. Not by the sea though

fairydust · 22/06/2004 21:12

thanks fio2 - but a little to close to home - but thanks for replying

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Fio2 · 22/06/2004 21:15

it feels miles away though FD. beleive me. We only lived 45mins from there but it felt so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

GillW · 23/06/2004 00:41

You could try this one - not a million miles from Porthmadog in North Wales.

fairydust · 23/06/2004 01:22

thanks gillw -i've sent for a brochure.

fio - that is just the thing were looking for just want the sea as well

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fairydust · 23/06/2004 20:34


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jampot · 23/06/2004 20:35

Anyone know of one of these in Devon?

fairydust · 23/06/2004 20:42

just found this one

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fairydust · 23/06/2004 20:43


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TattySmith · 12/07/2004 00:06

Try Deerpark in Cornwall - beautiful location and the cabins are all brand new. Short drive to fab beaches. THe site is in a small vally with a mill pond at the bottom with Carp in the kids can see - a little cycle route and place for BBQs etc. THey have sites in other places too. They're owned by Forest Holidays so try their website.

Furball · 12/07/2004 00:40

Ruda at Croyde Bay, N.Devon do lodges - They've even got a web cam thing of the inside of all their types of accomdation, so you can have a look at what they're like.

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