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Where's a good place to go in October?

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LunarSea · 15/06/2004 13:07

Have just discovered that the person who would have to stand in for me if I have any time off has booked off every Friday from now until 1st October. So if we're going to get away at all this "summer" it'll have to be either a short break or not until October. Anyone got any good suggestions for places to go with a lively three year old (he likes trains, castles, animals, etc) if we need to leave it that late in the year?

We're not really into beach resorts - though the odd day at somewhere not too tacky if we happened to be in the area would be ok - prefer scenic landscapy sort of places - Provence, Corsica, the Alps etc. Would like to go somewhere warmish (decent enough weather to eat outside for example). We're quite happy to do fly-drive (in fact prefer unpackaged holidays IYKWIM) and anything from hotel to gite would be ok accomodation-wise.

Come on mumsnetters - I'm sure you can come up with some good suggestions for us.

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wibbsywoo · 15/06/2004 13:21

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Message withdrawn

LIZS · 15/06/2004 15:16

Larger Alpine resorts would still be open until around mid October but unlikely to be warm enough to eat outside and they'd definitely be winding down by then (many UK operators stop in September).

Could you not renegotiate just one Friday to enable you to get a 10 day break in , it does seem a bit tough on you in the meantime.

serenequeen · 15/06/2004 15:30

cyprus? weather should still be pleasant, plenty of historic sites to visit, and you can beach it the odd day or two if you want.

musica · 15/06/2004 15:37

We're going to Jersey in the Channel Islands - fab in October! Usually considerably warmer than England! Loads of activities that are not just 'summer' based.

serenequeen · 15/06/2004 15:38

or what about marrakech? that would fit all your requirements i think.

xoz · 15/06/2004 15:54

Do some of the islands. Include Balamory (Tobermory) on Mull if you like. Skye or Arran is lovely too. October will be getting cool but not freezing. You could travel up by train (I assume you're down south here somewhere) and then hire a car. Plenty of castles, lakes, animals, etc and no language or currency issues!!!
Hope you find somewhere great to go.

oneofeach · 15/06/2004 19:48

I know you'll probably think I'm mad but I'd hire a luxury cottage or something in the Lakes. The scenery is fantastic in October and I'm sure you would find lots to occupy your 3 year old. And there would be lots of lovely tea rooms for cake and coffee! I don't work for the Lakes tourist board by the way!

Tetley · 15/06/2004 20:56

We've just spent a fortnight in the Vendee in France in a lovely gite. It's probably far enough south that the weather would be OK in October.

The Owners (English) were lovely & most welcoming(we got rather merry with them twice )
Their details are here

xoz · 15/06/2004 21:01

Just had another idea. Venice is gorgeous. We just went there a month ago and our kids loved riding around on the boats all the time. Can even recommend a good cheap kid friendly B&B in San Marco if you're interested.

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