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Mousses Lefkas

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janinlondon · 14/06/2004 12:26

Just thought I should report back (esp for Willow2) on our week at Mousses in Lefkas. Had a wonderful time. Very high standard of accommodation, lovely grounds, great care from the local rep, and the kids creche is fabulous. Nannies were brilliant, and even appeared at the airport yesterday to occupy kids in the queue. My DD (4y 8 mos) was out the door and skipping to kids club every morning. I had to run after her to sign her in (NB SereneQueen!). They DO need to fence the pool in, and possibly sort out a better system to lock the patio doors so that kids can't open them from the inside. Most parents remarked on this, and the owners are looking into fencing the pool. But that's about all I can fault. The little villas are beautifully situated. Windows all have screens, so none of that horrible mozzie swatting all night. Baby monitors will work from all kids' rooms to the bar. Simply Travel provide beach towels, beach umbrella, travel cots and high chairs, and welcome pack of basics like bread milk juice and wine. There is a hairdryer in each apartment and the airconditioning works well. We would happily return. Willow2 I wish I were you!!

OP posts:

serenequeen · 14/06/2004 15:43

glad you had a good time!


willow2 · 14/06/2004 18:33

yeehah! Thanks jan - glad you had a good time. Does anyone else fancy a week long mumsnet meetup in Lefkas starting July 4?


willow2 · 14/06/2004 19:33

Also, any tips on what to go and see or where to eat/shop for groceries etc? Thanks in advance!


janinlondon · 15/06/2004 11:11

Willow2, there is a minimart about two minutes walk away where you can buy most essentials, and there are a couple of big supermarkets on the outskirts of Lefkas town, about two minutes drive from the villas. Simon, the local rep, will be able to point you in the right direction for these. In fact Simon is invaluable - he even rigged up a stairgate for one family, and he has a gorgeous two year old daughter so he understands kids' needs. The bar on site does meals too - fairly basic stuff like pizza and moussaka and chips etc - but they will deliver to your villa if you want. We found the best seafood (ie freshest) was at the little gathering of tavernas at Lygia harbour on the West coast - about 10 minutes drive from the villas. There is a little playground for children there too, so you can order your meal, take the kids to play on the swings and wait for DH (or vice versa) to wave that the food is ready before returning to eat. Also the tables there are right by the sea so you can feed the fish as well. One of the nicest days we had was at Agios Nikitas town beach - a tiny little sheltered cove about 20 mins drive down the East coast. There are boats for the kids to watch, and the beach is coarse sand. Lots of little tavernas and ice cream shops there as well. We spent the last day of our holiday hiring a little motor boat from Nidri (Simon will tell you the best company for providing kids' lifejackets etc) and puttering around neighbouring Meganissi. DD (4) was quite happy to "captain" us and had us in fits driving us in circles. Nidri is a bit commercialised for us, but it does have a good choice of tavernas if you want to venture out there one evening. And they can even do the dreaded chicken nuggets if your kids are tiring of tsatziki and souvlaki. We did do one adult day out - DD in kids club all day - to Dodoni on the mainland. The drive is about two hours if you take the tunnel to Preveza, but the theatre there is spectacular and really worth it if you like ruins and history. DD would have hated it, but she was having such a good time in the club she didn't even ask us what we had been doing! Anything else you wondered about, just ask.

OP posts:

willow2 · 15/06/2004 11:54

Thanks so much. Out of interest, I know they can be incredibly similar as far as the menu goes, but which was your favourite taverna?


janinlondon · 15/06/2004 12:08

If you park nose in at the Lygia harbour there are a couple of tavernas on your left and a couple on your right. We liked the first on your right, with blue tables and chairs and called something like MAKEA - or similar - no Greek symbols on my keyboard! Great swordfish souvlaki, and they made a fuss over DD just because she could say hello and thankyou in Greek. And they give you a free dessert!

OP posts:

willow2 · 15/06/2004 14:24

thanks xx

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