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Anyone taken their dog abroad?!!

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spook · 06/06/2004 18:43

Goodness me.Spook actually posting something that isn't despair and heartbreak!! I need some advice.For those of you who know my story,you'll know that I'm moving to Ibiza in September.I have got the forms from Defra concerning my Animal Export Cert. but it all seems so complicated.Is it?? And how do I book him a flight etc? I am presuming he can't just sit next to me and the boys (4 legroom seats please) but who do I contact? Will a charter flight take himm or does it have to be expensive and scheduled.Please excuse my ignorance..not really something I've needed to know before!

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AussieSim · 06/06/2004 18:51

Hi Spook, congrats on the move to Ibiza - sounds so exotic to me.

I brought my cat from Australia to Germany. I used an animal transport firm and they took care of everything but it cost AUD$2,500. Going back our relocation firm have said that Lufthansa allow one pet free per ticket, but I am still waiting to see if that works for us given that we are flying Lufthansa to Bangkok where we are staying for two nights and then going onto Sydney with Thai Airways, so I am not sure it if is going to work out.

Annnyway, I would say make enquiries with a couple of different airlines to see what their deal is as europe is a lot more pet friendly than the antipodes.

spook · 06/06/2004 19:14

Hi Aussiesim.Thanks for the advice.Just trying to work out whether I love Spook (thats the 4 legged one-not me) enough to spend that much money on him.Ofcourse I do!!Am so looking forward to walking him on the beach in the Ibizan winter.

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AussieSim · 06/06/2004 19:23

There is no way I would have left my cat at home, despite hints from my DH. Any place my cat is feels like home to me. And I think pets are such great therapy, for grown ups and kids alike. I hope someone else who has moved from UK to Spain has some more information for you soon.

Chandra · 06/06/2004 19:31

I have not checked the information lately, but some time ago the only airport that had the facilities to manage animals was Heathrow. Depending on the size of your dog (small enough to fit under the seat) and the airline, they can fly in cabin, but in most cases they go in the cargo compartment. Charter flights, as far as I know, don't take animals.

You can find the Spanish requisites here:
You may find this other useful:

Regarding the British pet pasport, before you get in all the expense of geting it (it used to be very expensive), don't forget that this passport is to avoid quarantine if the dog comes back to England, if he isn't, maybe just the certificate of rabies vacination will do for some countries.

Good luck. Let us know of your experience, I'm really interested to know how did it go, we would like to take our dogs in our next trip to Spain.

808state · 06/06/2004 21:13


Do not want to put any sort of downer on this but you must be extremely cautious of tick infections. A dog who recently returned to the UK from France (who had the full tick inoculations) died from babesis canis which is a disease carried by ticks.

Many UK dogs carry no resistance at all to such parasites as these have not been encountered in the UK up till now.

Do seek detailed advice from your vet and if they are unsure then get them to contact an animal tropical diseases unit.

Please seek detailed advice from your vet and if they are unsure ask them to to find out about this further.

Soulfly · 06/06/2004 21:18

I thought if you took your dog or animal abroad you had to put it in quaratine for 6 weeks or months?

spook · 07/06/2004 09:23

Hi Chandra.Thanks so much for the advice.Those addresses were very useful.I will keep you updated! 808state-thanks.Will check with my vet about the ticks. Hi Soulfly-they only have to go into quarantine if they're coming into this country-I'm taking him out.

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lapsedrunner · 15/06/2004 20:16

A bit late adding to this I know but for what it's worth here is my experience. We moved our dog from UK to Austria in Feb 03 having got the full Pet Passport done in UK (as you never know when you might want to return to UK). There is a new "passport" coming into effect 1 Jul 04. We drove here, however DEFRA website has list of airlines and routes that accept dogs (not usually Charter airlines I think?). Basically dog goes in a crate in pressuried section of the hold, cost is at excess baggage rate which for Austria is 11 euro per kilo (don't forget to include weight of crate, also can buy these from airline as they must be of certain specification). A quick note on Ticks. Ticks are endemic in Austria to the extent that humans and dogs are innoculated every year, providing you have that done I would'nt worry. We remove ticks from our dog on a daily baisis in summer with no adverse effect, plus you are going to an island so presumably less risk?

spook · 15/06/2004 20:44

Thanks very much lapsedrunner. Unfortunately I've had t put my plans on hold but will print this off for when I do go.

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