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Cab to airport - do we need car seat?

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Pook · 04/06/2004 14:59

We're off to south of France at the end of this month. Flying from Gatwick. Normally (i.e. pre-dd) we would have got a cab to the airport. DD is now in the second stage non-portable car seat and so we won't be taking ours with us. What are the legal/practical issues about taking her by cab considering that most cabs don't have car seats fitted in them? Can she be a babe in arms (she's 11 months)? We're hiring a car at the other end with a second stage car seat - it's just the trip to and back from Gatwick that's the issue.

OP posts:
Northerner · 04/06/2004 15:02

Hi Pook. You only have to use a child restraint by law if there is one available. She can legally travel with out one.

BTW if you get a black cab they have a 5 point harness child restraint in the middle section of the back seet.

Azure · 04/06/2004 15:56

We always book a mini-cab with a car seat provided. I'm sure if you phoned around you would find a company who could provide one.

CountessDracula · 04/06/2004 15:57

If you take a buggy and get a black cab you can leave her in that, with it turned backwards against the fold up seat.

LIZS · 04/06/2004 16:27

The Gatwick based cabs do have car seats in the control office. We used them a few times but they are a bit tatty. You may have to wait if they are already in use but as I remember it the different firms do share them around !

Shantha · 04/06/2004 16:51

There is a brilliant cab service called Personal Passenger Travel in Eltham which we use all the time. Very reliable and the cheapest about - we usually take our own car seat, leave it with them until they come to collect us after our holiday. They are in the book and ask to spk to Ken. Good luck!

Twinkie · 04/06/2004 17:05

Ooohhh good to know that Shantha - we live in Sidcup and were looking for someone who would take us and not make us take the car seat and store it at the airport!!

Pook · 06/06/2004 18:27

Thanks for the messages. I like the idea of leaving a car seat with the cabbie. We're in Bromley, so not too far for them, perhaps!

OP posts:
fisil · 06/06/2004 18:29

Shanta - that's what we do. It's dead easy, any cab firm round here will hold your car seat for you and pick you up with it.

issywoo · 07/06/2004 20:14

we are in the same position - our ds is 14 weeks old and we have a m&p portable car seat. the cab firm have offered to store it and bring it when they pick us up but i'm worried they'll lose it or forget it. am i paranoid?

prettycandles · 08/06/2004 14:28

Issywoo - take the carseat with you. It'll be invaluable as a rocker/safe seat while you're away, besides you may need it for cabs at your destination.

Thomcat · 08/06/2004 14:32

we used a local cab co and they took seat back with them and then used it again when they needed to pick us up.
Worked well, BUT, car seat in car we hired was rubbish and I wasn't going to use it so spent hours trying to get a better one.
So either use own car seat in cab and then you have it if you hire car. if not make sure you write, fax email and ring carhire and make sure you get a decent seat for right age/weight etc.

kittyb · 08/06/2004 14:37

we bought the cheapest mothercare one for holiday when ds was 11months (was about £30). Very light (compared to M&P one we use at home) and we just put it in a bin bag (take sellotape with you to wrap it) and checked it in as luggage - weighed hardly anything. And as for paranoia, I was worried about the quality/cleanliness of the carhire seat at the other end (but I suppose it depends what your destination is )so was happier taking our own one.

issywoo · 08/06/2004 21:28

cab firm promise they won't forget it but we'll call them b4 we fly home to remind them. wld love to take it with us but the godamn car seat and base weighs more than i do (and i'm heavy!) so its not practical to take . we're flying with ryan air and only get 15kg each which will be taken up with kids clothes, bottles, steriliser and milk and nappies. good thing i'm too fat to fit into my clothes so i can spend my baggage allowance on kids stuff!

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