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Things to do / places to eat in Brighton

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amymum · 23/05/2002 09:30

I'm looking for ideas for things to do in Brighton with a one year old, plus any recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Booked a few days in the Old Ship Hotel in June to celebrate dh's 30th birhtday. I'm already planning a trip to the Bluebell railway - favourite child-hood haunt! Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

OP posts:
Marina · 23/05/2002 10:37

I think it is called Al Fresco - Brighton mumsnetters please's a friendly Italian restaurant on the sea-front, serving nice food. They have high-chairs and stunning views.

Small train along sea-front; aquarium interesting if weather is a bit inhospitable.

We went last June and were "delighted" to see that East Sussex Fire Service were having their gala day. After a delicious lunch we spent three fascinating hours assisting our two year old in and out of what seemed like 100s of fire engines.

Ds completely unimpressed by beach, sea, pier etc.

Twink · 23/05/2002 12:45

Drusillas is a good place for a day out but quite pricey. Dd has been going with her grandparents since she was about one.
Also just off the A27 is Middle Farm which is has a farm shop, cafe, playground and animals. Last time we were there we were able to watch milking time.
If the weather is OK, there's a sheltered sandy beach in Newhaven, protected by the harbour wall which is great for little ones but only when the tide is right.
I'll let you know if any other things spring to mind.

bee · 23/05/2002 13:31

The open top bus around the town and sea side is nice.

Rides on the pier (tacky of course but good fun, and lots for small children at the far (sea) end).

We stayed in the Old Ship a few years ago. They had a small playroom then, which was great for the children when they just wanted to chill out a bit. And its right opposite the beach.

Have a good time!

Tinker · 23/05/2002 19:12

Blimey Twink, more co-incidences! I was at Middle Farm in September and we saw the cows being milked. However, my friend and her daughter are vegans so I don't think it was quite the same experience for them!

However, one night we went to a fantastic Lebanese restuarant. Our kids spent the evening in the basement learning Iranian dancing on a table from a 7 year old teacher. Trouble is, I can't remember the name, but there can't be too many Lebanese restaurants.

Marina · 23/05/2002 20:31

Amymum, forgot to say that the Bluebell are doing a few "Thomas" specials in June...
Bluebell Railway

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