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Algarve, Simply Travel, english nany service know anything?

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Rhiannon · 19/05/2002 21:22

I've recently been sent the Simply Travel brochure that advertises english nannies at it's Algarve apartments and villas. It would be lovely to have a few hours peace on holiday each morning and thought that £130 per week was quite reasonable until you add up the cost of 2 weeks in the sun self catering = £3500 for 2 adults and 2 children.

Has anyone been away with Simply Travel and is it worth the enormous cost considering we've still got to find food when we get there? Thanks R.

OP posts:
bettys · 20/05/2002 11:47

If you do a search using 'Simply Travel' you'll find quite a few people have used them. We've been skiing with them & used their creche service which was excellent. However I can't comment on Portugal ... but we were looking at their Tuscany brochure which isn't cheap either!

ks · 20/05/2002 17:31

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tigermoth · 21/05/2002 11:07

We've holidayed with Simply Travel in Corsica, and simple - basic, in fact - is the word for the standard of accommodation at Capuccilio. However, the brochure is honest about it.

Yet, I did find myself wondering when our loo flooded for the third time why this was costing us well over £2,000. Also, some child locks on the fridge and working locks on our food cupboard would have been much appreciated. The bathroom door didn't close properly, so my wet toddler could escape from the shower cubical and bathroom and would run around the tiled floors, before skidding to a painful halt.

Some basic maintenance and repairs would have made all to difference to family safety and comfort. After all, the holiday was billed as a child-friendly one.

On the plus side, the service from all staff was excellent, and I felt quite sorry for them. With us they certainly had their work cut out. As well as our disasterous loo situation, we had our passports stolen and my husband developed an abcess which meant he had to stay in hospital for two days. We called on their services heavily and they did incredible amounts of negotiation and paperwork on our behalf.

Generally speaking, because of the many accommodation niggles, the staff seemed to spend a lot of time mopping up, patching up, cleaning up and apologising.

The nannies themselves and the creche organisatioin were top notch. All staff were English-speaking. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Even my 7 year old, marooned amongst the toddlers (we went in term time so no school age children)loved spending a few hours in the creche, and the nannies made a great fuss of him.

Rhiannon, you seem to travel far more than me. I cannot compare this holiday with many others. If you want to ask me more, please do. I'd say the childcare and standard of service is above average. As for the accommodation, read the brochure carefully (as I'm sure you do anyway) and ask lots of questions before you book.


Rhiannon · 21/05/2002 11:45

Thanks for your comments, we want to go somewhere special for DH's 40th next year and thought the Algarve with a morning Nanny and golf for DH would be perfect. But it does seem v. expensive as it's only self catering, we could probably go to Club Med for less and that's all inclusive. R

OP posts:
GillW · 21/05/2002 14:00

Scott Dunn do something similar

Don't know about summer - but know plenty of people who've been very happy with them for winter holidays.

Willow2 · 21/05/2002 14:45

Just travelled with Simply to Zakynothos and used their creche there. Absolutely fantastic. As for the Portugal Nanny thing - my friend actually presented an item on this service for BBC1's Holiday. He went with his partner and young son and thought it was very good.

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