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need a child friendly pub in North Oxford area

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hmb · 31/05/2004 08:36

We need to find a child friendly pub/resteurant North of Oxford for this week.

We will be meeting up with relatives who cannot walk any distance, so there needs to be a car park on site. Good ish food but not so posh that they would look at the kids with horror. Budget fairly flexable.

Beautiful place/historic etc would be an advantage but not essential

Thanks all.

OP posts:
fisil · 31/05/2004 08:46


hmb · 31/05/2004 08:52

I was thinking about the Trout. Is the river fallable inable??? Because if it is, Ds will!

OP posts:
fisil · 31/05/2004 09:02

Well, the walls are quite low, but there are always loads of kiddies about, so the casualty rate must be quite low!

hmb · 31/05/2004 09:21

They breed 'em tough in Oxon!

I'm also thinking through the logistics of possible getting a picnic in the Covered Market and possible goignt o Woodstock. Nice place, no walking for inferm reli, lots of running space for the kids.

And it will be an excuse for me to 'do' the covered market, which I have always loved. We'll be in the area as we will be popping into the 'House' so the kids can visit the 'real' Hogwarts. Asd Dh and I can stroll dowm memory lane! Sigh. 24 years since we went there first!

OP posts:
hewlettsdaughter · 31/05/2004 09:40

Small pasta shop in covered market does great ciabattas (not filled but you should be able to pick up some good fillings too).

hmb · 31/05/2004 09:47

Is that the one up towards the top end that does the excellent olives??

OP posts:
hewlettsdaughter · 31/05/2004 09:48

it's kind of in the middle near the post box - and does do lots of different olives, yes

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