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B&B / Travelodge or something similar near Sheffield?

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pickledbeetle · 30/05/2004 15:37

We are thinking of breaking our journey between London & N.Yorks over half-term to visit Magna. Anyone know of a good B&B or similar in that area?


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roisin · 30/05/2004 15:50

Pickledbeetle ... there was a thread about this recently. this might help

We're going to Magna this week too btw (on Friday). Have you been before?

pickledbeetle · 30/05/2004 16:41

Thanks roisin.

No we haven't been before but always try to do something to split the journey where possible. Someone mentionned this and Eureka to me so just had a look at the website.

It looks suitable because it is just off the M1.

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Clayhead · 30/05/2004 18:03

I think there is a Holiday Inn Express just by Meadowhall.

Clayhead · 30/05/2004 18:05

pickledbeetle, the previous thread is for MeadowHEAD not MeadowHALL, they are on different sides of Sheffield and MeadowHALL is near the motorway, just incase you get confused!

roisin · 30/05/2004 18:53

I would steer you away from Eureka - it is fab, but aimed mainly at 4-9s I would say. (I think yours are older - is that right? Just worried now in case I've dreamed up the age of your children!)

Hulababy · 30/05/2004 19:19

There is an Ibis hotel just off the Sheffield Parkway, at about £45 per room a night. Very central to Sheffield but only about 20 minutes drive max to Magna.

Also the Holiday Inn in SheffieldThere are a few on here too. And these are the Rotherham ones too. I would have thought Sheffield centre would be better if you want to eat out though. Not been to Rotherham for a while but used to be a bit dodgy in centre (no offense anyone )

Hulababy · 30/05/2004 19:20

Oh and right near Meadowhall, junction 34 - very close to Magna - is the Premier Lodge . Next door to TGI Fridays, or just down road to the Valley Centertainment for eating out - also cinema and bowling.

Clayhead · 30/05/2004 19:35

Hula, that's the one (Premier Lodge) I thought was a Holiday Inn! I've been away too long...

pickledbeetle · 31/05/2004 09:23

Thanks everyone for all the info. Much appreciated and fingers crossed it all works!

Yes roisin mine are older but only travelling with the youngest (9) this time.

OP posts:
roisin · 04/06/2004 22:49

Pickledbeetle ... Did you get to Magna this week? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did today.

pickledbeetle · 09/06/2004 19:11

Thanks everyone for your help.
Sadly we didn't get there as my mother was unwell. Next time?!! (We'll be travelling that route again in August!)

Roisin - Glad you enjoyed your trip

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