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Some where between Leeds and leicester suitable for 1, 3, 6 and 9 year olds??

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BosworthBear · 27/05/2004 08:15

Planning to meet my SIL with my DD nearly 3 and DS nearly 1 - she is in leeds I am near Jn 22 of M1/Jn 10 M42. We need to find somewhere half way ish suitable for the children, likely to be on a Wednesday so hopefully won't be too busy. If we are slow organising it then she may bring her nephew and neice who are 6 and 9 so suggestions that could be suitable for all for would also be appreciated. Although attractions for younger children probably more important because we want to do it before the schools summer holiday.
Where should we go and just as important - where should we avoid.

OP posts:
gold123 · 27/05/2004 08:33

Dont know if this is out of your way - American Adventure, off Junction 26, M1, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

I went last week, the kids really enjoyed it. 4, 5, 6 and 8

littlemissbossy · 27/05/2004 08:53

Sundown Adventureland is just over an hour from Leeds o)and is for the under 10's

zebra · 27/05/2004 08:58

Snibston Discovery Park . Just off M1, Coalville.

Hulababy · 27/05/2004 09:01

Sundown is fantastic for little ones. The 9 year old will stuill enjoy the wooden playgrounds, and house assault course type thinsg I'd imagine too. It is £6.50 for anyone aged 2 or over. If weather is nioce it is lovely - loads of places to run about, picnic, sand pits, etc.

Hulababy · 27/05/2004 09:02

Around Sheffield/Rotherham area, there is also Magna - more for the older ones though, or the Earth Centre - not bee but supposed to be very good. There is Chatsworth Farm and also Sherwood Forest Farm too. Mmm, sure there is loads more but can't get brain in gear at the moment - will keep thinking!

NottsMum · 27/05/2004 09:15

We took our nearly 3 year old to Magna but she got quite scared with some of it because the attractions are in the dark and there's lots of noise, so I personally wouldn't recommend it for under 5's. (And the cafe wasn't great either).

Sundown is fantastic for kids though

clary · 27/05/2004 12:12

Chatsworth farm and adventure playground is excellent (latter more for 3yo I guess) and suitable for all your ages. I also think Conkers is good, better if a nice day, it's in Swadlincote area but not far from Leicester (long way from Leeds tho). American Adventure is good - my nearly 5 and nearly 3 yos enjoyed it but there was a lot the 3yo couldn't do (she's too small) so maybe better if you have the bigger kids. Mind you that's free if under 1m! Is White Post Farm and Wonderland (right near each other) the right area? (geography not my strong subject). WP Farm is excellent, lots to do in good or bad weather and very suitable for tinies and bigger kids. Wonderland I haven't been to but DS1 was there on a school trip last week and enjoyed it. Both in sort of Mansfield/Edwinstowe area.

helenmc · 27/05/2004 12:39

Twinlakes outside Melton Mowbray has small playgrounds and bigger adventure ones (took my 7 & 10 years)and HUGE indoor playcentres twinlakes

daisy1999 · 28/05/2004 13:19

Gullivers is good. We go to the one in Milton Keynes but there is one in Derbyshire (signposted from the M1 between Leicester and Sheffield). It's a theme park aimed at 2-13 year olds.

gold123 · 28/05/2004 13:34

I second Gullivers - I use the Milton Keynes one too. The one at Matlock is very hilly and is a pain in the bum with a buggy, there is another at Warrington (not been to that one)

WedgiesMum · 28/05/2004 13:48

Gullivers is great and signposted from Junction 28, but as gold says it is very hilly. also signposted from 28 are the Heights of Abraham (cable cars and caverns with nice play area for kids) and the Tramway Museum (never been but believe it is good)

Easy · 28/05/2004 13:51

I really, Really recommend Chatsworth. The Gardens are great for running around and playing hide-and-seek (no 'keep off the grass signs' either). there is a maze in the garden, and challenge the kids to find the big horse and the silver crying willow tree (2 sculptures). If it's really warm then they can paddle in the Cascade, watchit tho, a bit slippy. There is the farmyard, which is entertaining AND educational, and the adventure playground (which I think is big enough for your older kids to enjoy). Assuming the weather is nice you can picnic (try running all the way up to the folly to have the picnic), and the cafe is brilliant too. I like to take a picnic lunch, then have civilised tea in the stables cafe. In good weather it really does give you a good full day out. DS 4 & 1/2, his half sister 16 and his cousin 2 all love there, so do I.

website here

discordia · 28/05/2004 14:18

Gullivers is good and you can take a chair lift to the top and work your way down. Have done it with small kids. You put your buggy on an empty chair.

Chatsworth is a bit pricey but well worth it if you spend the day there. If you go, take buckets, spades and change of clothes for fantastic sand and water play area.

The Mansfield area is good with Sherwood Pines Forest Park nearby (woodland walks, play areas, cycling), White Posts Farm and Wonderland (play park, lots to do but maybe too young for 9 y.o.?)

American Adventure v good.

Country Park near Derby - Elvaston Castle - play area, walks, lake, cafe, great on a nice day, not far from M1 J24.

lailag · 03/06/2004 16:50

just spent 5 1/2 hours with a 3.5 y (and 1 y)in Sibston discovery park (link done by zebra earlier in thread). Loads of older children as well. Things to do inside as well as outside.
Thanks goodness, both of them fallen asleep in the car...

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