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Which theme park?

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Posey · 26/05/2004 20:32

My friend wants to take her 2 dds to a theme park over the half term but doesn't know which would be best. They're 4 and 7 and want to go somewhere that has some less scary rides (they're not big on huge thrill-seeker things). What would anyone recommend? They're travelling from London BTW

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Ixel · 26/05/2004 20:34

Chessington? There's Beanoland, and other smaller rides, plus the zoo bit. Bubbleworks is a great ride. But its a pricey day out when you see the cost of food etc, so do packed lunches!

Galaxy · 26/05/2004 20:37

message withdrawn

Ixel · 26/05/2004 20:42

Does Gulliver's Kingdom still exist, or did it close down? Trentham Gardens used to be good too, but too far to travel from London.

SoupDragon · 26/05/2004 20:47

Chessington. Probably too late but if you have Tescos clubcard vouchers, you can trade them for tickets - only £5.50!!

gold123 · 26/05/2004 20:48

Gullivers IMO is the best - The nearest one would be Milton Keynes, approx £10 to get in and all the rides are free, the whole park is designed for under 12's. Will take approx 40 min by train from Euston or 1hr ish by car, Junction 14 M1. Great day out

Posey · 27/05/2004 21:29

Thanks everyone.
Had never heard of Gullivers, sounds good for them, and going from Euston is ideal as its just down the road.

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