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Stop over in Hong Kong

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kated · 15/05/2002 07:26

Can any one recommend a good hotel for 2 nights in hong kong. We have 3 kids under 6.

OP posts:
SueZZZZ · 21/05/2002 12:51

There is a fantastic YMCA (or maybe YWCA) on the Island which is basically like a 3 or 4 star hotel but miles cheaper. I think it is on MacDonald Street/Road from memory. I stayed there before I had children but would definitely go back there again.

Janus · 21/05/2002 18:41

kated, used to live in Hong Kong. Bascially, it's a fab place, do you have an idea on which side you want to be, ie HK island or 'mainland' (Kowloon). HK island is great for shopping, markets, beaches, eating out, etc. Kowloon is also good for shopping (but a bit more spread out) and a bit more of a 'local' feel. You are also closer to New Territories if you fancied seeing that (quite beautiful). There is a ferry link and tube link between both so not too much hassle whichever side you choose but is a NIGHTMARE at any time around rush hour.
Also, HK can be notoriously expensive so do you have a budget in mind? As suggested, there is a very good YMCA which does have private rooms but it is actually on Kowloon side, but very central. There are numerous hotels in Kowloon but I would be careful if you do decide to go this side as hotels can be miles away from the main area of Tim Sha Choi (which I can't remember how to spell!) where all the shopping and links to the islands are. YMCA is very central.
Again, numerous hotels on the Islands but these are more expensive than Kowloon side.
If you have a huge budget (!) then treat yourself to staying at the Peninsular in Kowloon, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, do go for afternoon tea at least!!
I could rant on for ages but if you do decide on an area and want some more help, or an idea of what to see whilst there, don't hesitate to ask.

kated · 22/05/2002 19:46

Thanks for the info. We would probably stay in one of the big chain hotels. I just wondered if any were better than others with kids? eg marriott hyatt sheraton etc

OP posts:
Janus · 22/05/2002 22:15

kated, sorry, I was pre-child (!) when I lived in HK so don't know about children-friendly hotels. Hyatt is in Wan Chai, isn't it?? If so, very central, on HK island, very close to a very good and big shopping arcade (with nice gardens at the top). Marriot and Sheraton, can't quite remember where they are. If you want advice on location I could give you a run-down but afraid I can't help on children-friendly aspect.

bells2 · 23/05/2002 08:28

I have stayed in a number of hotels in HK but all for work and so, like Janus, I can't comment on their child friendliness (I would say though that generally in HK children are pretty much welcome everywhere).

I have stayed at both the Marriott and the Hyatt. They are both on the Island side and both central. On balance though I would say that the Marriott has the better location being close to the park and a 15 minute walk to the Star Ferry. One hotel I wouldn't recommend is the Ritz Carlton (very expensive and prissy). Both the Marriot and the Hyatt are very nice with good sized rooms and all the amenities you would expect. The Hyatt is definitely the nicer of the 2 but I would suspect it is considerably more expensive. I usually stay in the Mandarin but I wouldn't recommend it for children.

If your budget can stretch to it, I would really recommend the Island Shagri La. It has the nicest and largest swimming pool I have seen in HK and is a very glam hotel all round with very nice staff. All the rooms are good sized and most have great views. It is also adjacent to the park and again, a very manageable walk to the Star Ferry and Central (or a ridiculously cheap cab ride).

If you want to stay in Kowloon, I would recommend the Regent. If all of these are too expensive, you might try the Excelsior which is also on the Island and (I think) is 4 rather than 5 star.

A word of warning though, even if the room rates appear reasonable be prepared for pricey food within any of these hotels. Room service is a killer!

SueW · 23/05/2002 10:57

Bells, your comment about the Mandarin is interesting. We stayed in the Mandarin HK pre-DD and felt completely unrelaxed. We were on holiday but it seemed most people around us were on business and everything seemed to be catered to at the very least smart casual dress.

Two years ago when we went to NZ, we stayed in the Mandarin in Kuala Lumpar. Very different. We had DD with us and she was fussed over. When we asked, we were told we could eat in any restaurant in casual dress (it was more touristy I suppose and had a pool). We had a 2 bed apartment for 200/night and room service full English breakfast was about 7 quid pp. The whole place was much more relaxed than the one in HK where I'd probably never stay again.

bells2 · 23/05/2002 11:11

Yeah SueW it seems to be purely for business people in HK and actually is pretty tatty about the edges. We get a great corporate rate though - around £100 a night and it is directly opposite our headquarter. Have heard that Mandarins elsewhere are excellent.

By the way, I am unable to admire your photos as our work web filter classifies them as "entertainment" and therefore they are banned!!.

SueW · 23/05/2002 11:22

LOL - it must be the dodgy ones you're looking at then

I haven't got your email address any longer following our pooter crash so I can't send them direct. If you've still got mine hidden in an address book (not bigpond) feel free to drop me a line if you're really interested.

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