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Dublin for a day..

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hubble · 24/05/2004 21:18

I have booked flights for myself and DH to Dublin in July, as a suprise for his birthday. Flight arrives in Dublin 0730hrs and returns to Stansted at 1900hrs.
I have managed to off load kids for the day to grandparents, so we can go it alone.
Have never been to Dublin and have no idea what there is to see or do. (only chose Dublin cos got a cheap deal with Ryanair!)
Anyone got any tips on things to do/places to see?


OP posts:
Azure · 25/05/2004 11:31

I just wanted to day what a lovely surprise! I haven't been to Dublin for years, so hopefully someone else will have more recent recommendations. Sounds like you need somewhere to go to for breakfast - the classic cafe Bewley's in Grafton Street would be handy for any shopping you then want to do! For an upmarket lunch, La Stampa is very good. For satisfying any Guinness cravings, apart from any pub, you might like to go here Guinness Storehouse Have a great trip!

Azure · 25/05/2004 11:31

I just wanted to SAY rather than day.

ghengis · 25/05/2004 11:45

Oh Hubble, what a lovely present! I'd go to the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre (off Grafton St) for a hot chocolate and a browse around the amazing design shops. Have fun!

littlemissbossy · 25/05/2004 12:09

Dh and I went a couple of years ago for a weekend - as you're going for the day only, plan your trip well. Can recommend Bewley's on Grafton Street for breakfast. There's loads of shops/restaurants/bars plus cultural stuff including the Book of Kells at Trinity College. We finished off our weekend with a horse and carriage ride through the streets of Dublin. For what to do look at Have a good time

Tommy · 25/05/2004 12:17

I made a pilgrimage to the Jamesons Distillery - which was great! Not ot be missed if you're a fan of Jamesons like I am

jampot · 02/06/2004 22:10

I second Bewleys on Grafton Street - Dublin is a lovely city. We stayed at The Burlington which is the other side of St Stephens Green.

Dec · 02/06/2004 22:27

Hi Hubble - we all went to Dublin last summer (I was born in the North myself, but still an adventure!) I can recommend one of the bus tours around the city. They're about £7 each, but the tour goes all round the city and stops at all the best bits - Jamesons, Guinness,etc.etc. You can hop on and off at any time and the drivers give you a running commentary as you go around the city. It's worth the money - I swear some of these guys should be on stage! It's similar to the bus tours they run in London I believe, but much more fun. Hope you both have a lovely time.

sammac · 02/06/2004 22:41

Can I agree with the bus tours, lots of great story tellers as guides and good fun too.

skerriesmum · 02/06/2004 22:41

I live in Dublin! I agree, the tour bus is good as you can hop on and off to whatever interests you. For attractions I like the National Gallery (new wing is great, and excellent cafe for lunch) and the Kilmainham Gaol (so creepy, and great history!) Not every bus goes to the Gaol though, you need to ask the driver. Anything else you want to know, just ask...

skerriesmum · 02/06/2004 22:42

snap sammac!

juniper68 · 02/06/2004 22:58

Oooo I love Dublin. I stayed for a weekend once when preggy with DS1. you'll love it and DH will be so chuffed. I was heavily pregnant at the time (borderline for flying) but still forced myself to wander around the streets at night. found a lovely Cuban restaurant, is it still there skerriesmum? I'm afraid DH and I tend to tour the eateries and there were plenty of nice ones to choose from.

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